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Flax n Poduthalai Powder for Rice

#FlaxseedPowder with #Poduthalai [ #frogfruit or #PurpleLippia leaves] :
Poduthalai is a wild plant commonly grows in gardens as weeds and near water bodies. It is also grown in some gardens as ornamental plants for its attractive purple color flowers. It is known as Frog fruit or Purple Lippia in English.
The scientific name is Phyla nodiflora [ Lippia nodiflora ].

This is extensively used in Ayurveda and Siddha system of medicine for dandruff treatment and other skin related problems. It also helps to relieve stomach disorders.
Recently I came to know about this plant through my mom when I went there.
When I came back I saw these plants in my garden itself.

Poduthalai in Tamil; Purple Lippia or Frog fruit in English Poduthalai in Tamil; Purple Lippia or Frog fruit in English

Poduthalai in Tamil; Purple Lippia or Frog fruit in English

Flax seeds are rich source of omega-3 fatty acids.
To know more on its nutritional value and health benefits click here.
To know more on Flax seeds.
Now let us see how to prepare podi for rice.

Flax seed

We have already seen how to prepare powder for rice using flax seeds
Here let me present a method to prepare a powder for rice using flax seeds and poduthalai [ frog fruit or purple lippia leaves ].

Ingredients :
1/2 Cup                                Flax seeds
4                                          Red chilly
1 Tbsp                                 Dried Poduthalai [ frogfruit or purple lippia leaves ]
1 Tsp [ adjust ]                     Salt
4 cloves                               Garlic

Method :
To make dry poduthalai :
Pluck leaves from the plant.
Wash the leaves well to remove dust and sand from the leaves.
Drain water and spread on a clean cloth in the shadow or inside the house.
Slowly the leaves start losing water content. After a day the leaves can be transferred in to plate.
Keep it open to dry for 4 to 5 days inside the house.

Dried Poduthalai leaves

When the leaves become brittle store in a bottle.
It can be used when need arises.

To make the powder :
Heat a kadai on a stove over a medium flame.
Add flax seeds and roast without adding oil.
Keep stirring continuously for uniform roasting.
At one stage the seeds start crackling with a sound. phat. phat...
Keep on stirring for some more time.
When a nice aroma comes from the seeds and crackling of seeds comes down then
transfer onto a plate.

Now add few drops of oil and fry red chilly well.
Then dry roast salt also to remove any water content present in it.
Turn off the stove and add dried poduthalai.
Keep it in that hot kadai till the dried leaves become brittle.
Then transfer on to the plate with other roasted ingredients.

Allow all the ingredients to come down to room temperature.

Grind using a mixer grinder.

Add garlic at the end and run for few rounds.

Spicy aromatic flax powder for rice is ready. Transfer into a clean and dry container.
Store in a container with lid after it cools down to room temperature.

Flax and Poduthalai powder for rice

Take hot rice in a plate and add one or two Tsp of flax powder.
Mix well adding a dash of gingelly oil [ till oil ]
Relish with sambar and poriyal / curry.

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