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#AraithuvittaKuzhambuPowder : Sambar or Kuzhambu is generally prepared with #SambarPowder. But if the sambar is done with spices that are roasted and made into a paste with coconut on day to day basis then the taste of sambar will be very very tasty and flavorful. This sambar is known as araithuvitta sambar. I used to make a powder with all roasted spices & dhals and then store in a bottle. Whenever I do araithuvitta sambar I grind the powder & coconut in a blender to make flavorful araithuvitta sambar paste.
Here I would like to give the proportions of spices and dhals for this powder.

Araithuvitta Kuzhambu Powder

Ingredients :
7 or 8Red chilly
1/2 CupCoriander seeds
1/2 CupGram Dhal [Channa Dhal]
1/4 CupBlack Gram Dhal [Urad Dhal]
1 TspBlack Pepper
2 TspCumin Seeds
1 TspCurry Leaf Powder
1/4 TspFenugreek [ optional ]

Note : If curry leaf powder is not available then dry roast 1/2 handful of curry leaves.

Method :
Keep a clean and dry kadai on a stove over a slow flame.
First roast red chilly well until it becomes brittle.
Transfer into a plate.
Then add gram dhal to the kadai and keep stirring with a long ladle.
Roast it until dhal turns golden color.
Transfer on to the same plate with roasted chilly.
In the same way roast urad dhal and transfer on to the same plate.
Next roast coriander seeds.
Roast until it gives out nice aroma and slightly changes to darker in color.
Transfer on to the same plate.
Then roast pepper until it gives out smell.
Transfer on to the same plate.
If fenugreek has been taken dry roast until it turns golden color.
Transfer on to the same plate.
Finally roast cumin until it gives out nice aroma.
Transfer on to the same plate.

Roasted dhal, coriander seeds and other spices

Let all roasted items cool down to room temperature.
Then grind them all together or in batches into a smooth powder using a mixer grinder.
Mix well and bring down to room temperature.
Store in a clean and dry bottle or a container with lid.
Store at room temperature for a month or so. Use a clean and dry spoon to take out the powder.

As the time passes the powder tends to lose some of its aroma. So it is advisable to make small quantities of araithuvitta kuzhambu powder to prepare a flavorful sambar or kuzhambu!!

This powder can also be used in the preparation of Tamarind Rice [Puliyodharai] and Vangi Bath.

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