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Kothavarangai Paruppu Usili

#KothavarangaiParuppuUsili - #ClusterBeansLentilMasalaCurry : Kothavarangai is called #ClusterBeans or #Guar in English. This vegetable tastes just like broad beans but has a distinct sweet taste and flavor. Some people don't like to eat the curry prepared from cluster beans because of its taste and  flavor. #ParuppuUsili is done in order to camouflage this taste and make it more tasty.
Now to the recipe.

Kothavarangai Paruppu Usili [ Cluster Beans Lentil Masala Curry ]

Ingredients :
1/4 kgKothavarangai [ Cluster Beans ]
1 pinchTurmeric powder
1/2 TspSambar Powder
1/2 TspSalt [ adjust ]
To Soak :
2 TbspThuvar Dhal
2 TbspGram Dhal
For Masala :
3 TspCoconut scrap
2 or 3Red chilly
1 TspCumin seeds
1/2 TspFennel seeds
1/2 TspCoriander powder
2 clovesGarlic
4 or 5Small Onion
1Onion sliced
10Curry leaves
20 to 25Mint leaves
1 TbspCoriander leaves
1/2 TspSalt
To Temper
1 TspMustard seeds
1 TspBlack gram split
2 TspOil
coriander leaves to garnish

Method ;
Wash and then soak thuvar dhal and gram dhal in water for an hour.

Snap top and bottom of kothavarangai and chop nicely.

Grind all the ingredients except onion with very little water. After grinding well add onion.
Run the mixie only for a few seconds. Onions should not be ground into a smooth paste.
Then drain the soaked water completely and add dhal into mixie.
Run for a second. Grind dhal [ lentil ] coarsely.

Heat an idly maker with 3 cup of water on a stove.
Spread the prepared lentil masala over a greased steamer plate.
Keep inside idly maker and steam cook the masala for 7 - 8 minutes.

Then transfer the steam cooked lentil masala into a bowl.
Keep aside.

When the masala has been steam cooked on a burner of the stove, on another burner pressure cook chopped kothavarangai in a cooker adding salt, turmeric powder and sambar powder.
Allow to cook for a whistle.
Then immediately release the steam and transfer the cooked kothavarangai into a bowl.

Heat a kadai over medium flame.
Add oil and crackle mustard seeds.
Then add split black gram and roast until it becomes golden color.
After that add cooked cluster beans and saute for a minute.

Now add steam cooked masala and stir well.
Adjust salt.
Kothavarangai Paruppu Usili [ Cluster Beans Lentil Masala Curry ]

Allow to simmer on the stove until the curry loses its water content and keep stirring at regular intervals.
Transfer into a serving bowl once the curry becomes dry and slightly attains golden brown color.
It takes around 10 to 15 minutes to become dry.
Garnish with curry and coriander leaves.

Kothavarangai Paruppu Usili [ Cluster Beans Lentil Masala Curry ]

Tasty spicy healthy paruppu usili is ready.
Enjoy with sambar rice or rasam rice or any mixed rice.

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