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#MouldedChocolate or #MoldedChocolate : Who doesn't like #chocolate !! Young or Old everyone likes to have a chocolate after a meal or when they get bored or at any time for no reason!!... There is only one brand that is so popular with masses here in India. But it is very easy to make it at home.

The dark compound or dark chocolate slabs are available in the market. The slabs available in the market will have varying amounts of cocoa in it. If the percentage of cocoa is more the taste will be bitter  and the taste will be slightly less bitter if cocoa is less. So buy the dark compound/dark chocolate according to your taste. There is white component also available in the market which is sweet in taste. So You can mix dark component and white component in proper ratios and able to get desired taste.

Shops selling the materials for cakes and confectionery will have chocolate moulds [ molds ]. Moulds are hollow container with different shapes. Molten or hot liquid is poured into it. When the liquid has been cooled down or refrigerated the hot liquid would harden and gives shape to it. Then it has to be demoulded and stored in an airtight container.
There is no special skill required to make yummy chocolates. Only patience and creativity is needed to get it done.
Here comes the method of moulding.


Ingredients :
500 gmDark compound or Dark chocolate
50 gmAlmonds
50 gmPeanuts [ ground nut ]
50 gmkismis [ prunes ]
1 TbspEdible confetti or sprinkles

Method :
You can take any other nuts available with you.
Split almonds into two or slice them according to the moulds taken.
Roast peanuts also and remove its skin. Split them also.
If you do not have any nuts at home don't worry just take any biscuit preferably marie biscuit. Break it into small pieces. 
Put the nuts, kismis, biscuits or whatever you have taken in each mould.
Keep aside.

Now we have to melt the dark chocolate compound. 
We are going to melt the dark chocolate by double boiler method.

Keep a shallow vessel with water.
Heat the water over slow flame.
Water should not be heated to its boiling point.
Break the dark chocolate slab into pieces and take them in another clean and dry vessel.

Keep the vessel with dark chocolate compound inside the vessel with hot water.
Stir with a long spoon or spatula for half a minute.
While stirring be careful, the water shouldn't enter into vessel with chocolate.

Then take out of the hot water and keep on the kitchen platform.
Stir well. Now the pieces would have slightly started melting.

Again keep in the hot water and stir for a minute.
Take out and stir.

Keep doing like this till all the pieces melts down and become a shiny thick liquid.
Now the dark compound is ready to be moulded.

Fill each mould with molten dark chocolate using a spoon.
Then tap the whole mould to release the air trapped inside each mould.

Another way of filling the moulds [ molds ]
First a layer of molten chocolate can be put in each mould.
Then place biscuit pieces or nuts or kismis or edible confetti or sprinkles.
Then cover it with another layer of molten chocolate.
Tap to release trapped air from each mould.

Then keep inside refrigerator.
No need to keep in the freezer.
Refrigerate for 10 to 15 minutes.
After 15 minutes take the mould out and turn upside down on a plate.
Gently tap over the sheet. The chocolates would fall off from the mould.

Store in an air tight container and save in the fridge.

Moulded Chocolate Molded Chocolate

Do I have to give instructions to enjoy!!!
Enjoy!! yummy chocolates!!

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