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#VanillaCakeOnStoveTop : This is my mother's recipe. She used to prepare with butter. But I am not able to get unsalted butter near my place. So I used refined sunflower oil in place of butter.
I #bakedonstovetop as I do not have an oven.
Now to the recipe

Vanilla Cake

Ingredients :
1 1/4 CupMaida
1 1/4 TspBaking powder
3/4 CupSugar
1 TspFennel
small pieceNutmeg
1 1/2 CupRefined Oil
1/2 CupMilk
1/2 TspVanilla

Aluminium casserole 2 or 3 to bake the cake.
2 Cups of sand and an iron dosai tawa or flat iron kadai.

Method :
Grease aluminium casserol and keep aside.
Sieve maida & baking powder together 2 or 3 times and keep aside.

Greased Aluminium casserole Sieve maida and baking powder

Grind sugar, fennel and nutmeg into a fine powder using a mixer. Transfer into a bowl. Keep aside.

Grind sugar, fennel & nutmeg into a fine powder

To prepare the stove top :
Let us make ready the stove top arrangement before preparing batter.
So that the cooker will be ready for baking the cake.
Place a tawa/kadai on a stove.
Spread sand over the tawa/kadai.
Now place a cooker over the sand.
Place a stand or bottom plate inside the cooker.
Close the cooker with gasket but do not put weight on.
Heat on HIGH flame for 10 minutes.

Method of Preparing Cake batter :
Take eggs.
Break eggs into a clean and dry vessel and beat with an electric blender.

Beat for a minute.
Then add sugar into beaten egg and beat again for about a minute or until the mixture thickens.

Add oil, vanilla essence and 1/4 cup of milk.
Mix with a spatula.
Then add maida mix a small quantity at a time, mix well.
In the same way mix all the flour into a smooth batter.

If the batter is too thick add some more milk and mix well.

Fill 3/4th of the greased aluminium casserole with the batter.
[ I filled two casseroles. ]
Keep aside.

Vanilla cake batter Fill 3/4 th of aluminium casserole with batter

By the time the cooker on the stove must have been heated to required temperature. Keep the aluminium casserole with batter inside the cooker over the stand/bottom plate.
Close the lid and do not put weight over the nozzle.
Reduce the flame to mid level.
Allow to bake for 40 to 50 minutes. [ The baking time depends on the quantity of the batter and flame heat of your stove. ]

after 20 minutes of baking

A nice aroma emanates from the cooker if the cakes are done.
Insert a tooth pick and make sure that the cake has been baked well till the bottom.
The tooth pick should come out clean.
If it comes out with batter sticking ti it bake for another 5 to 10 minutes.

Vanilla cake ready to take out of the cooker vanilla cake

Take out from the cooker.
Allow to cool down for some time and then remove from the casserole.
Divide into pieces using a knife.

Vanilla cake
Vanilla cake Cut vanilla cake into pieces

Store in an air tight container only after the cake has completely cooled down.

Enjoy!! You wouldn't get such an aromatic cake in a bakery. Fennel and nutmeg give a nice aroma to this simple vanilla cake.

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