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#MaidaMurukku : #Murukku, a savory tastes good and flavorful only when prepared with rice flour in combination with other flour & condiments. But murukku can also be prepared with flours like #Kambu [ #PearlMillet ], maida and other flours. These murukkus also taste good with its own natural flavors.
Maida cannot be used as it is to make murukku. It has to be steamed for sometime before kneading the dough. The maida murukku comes out little bit softer than murukku done with rice flour. My daughter used to tell murukku should be a bit harder on your teeth. It shouln't melt in your mouth. But some like to enjoy softer murukku especially old and those who are having weak teeth!!
If the dough is not prepared carefully then the maida murukku becomes oily.
Here is the method to make crispy murukku using maida flour.
Preparation time : 10 minutes
Cooking time : 20 minutes
Number of murukku prepared approximately 7

Ingredients :
1/2 CupMaida
1 TbspBesan [ Gram Flour ]
1 1/4 TbspFried Gram Flour [ Pottukadalai maavu ]
1/2 TspSalt [ Adjust ]
1/2 TspRed Chilly Powder
2 pinchAsafoetida
1/4 TspOmam [ Optional ]
1/4 TspCumin Seeds
1/4 TspTill [ Ellu ]
1 TspHot oil

1 cup of oil to fry murukku.
#Murukkupress with murukku plate.

Take maida in a small basin/vessel and cover with a clean cloth.
Boil water in a idly maker or cooker on a stove over high flame.
Place the vessel containing maida covered with cloth over a stand inside the idly maker or cooker.
[Note : the vessel containing maida is covered with a cloth while steam cooking to avoid water droplets falling over it from the lid ]
Close with the lid. Reduce the flame to medium level.
If steam cooked in a cooker then do not put weight.
Steam cook for 7 - 8 minutes.
Take out and allow to cool down after 7 - 8 minutes.

When the steam-cooked-maida cools down to room temperature crumble it with fingers.
Then add all other ingredients. Mix well.

Heat oil in a kadai to fry murukku.
Take out hot oil from the kadai and add into the flour mixture.

Rub with fingers to mix oil well with the flour mixture.
Then add asafoetida water and knead into a tight dough adding enough water.

Fill the murukku press with enough dough. Close it with lid.

Drop a little dough into the hot oil.
If it comes up from the bottom of the hot oil to the surface of the oil and starts frying then the oil is ready to fry murukku.

Hold the murukkupress with dough at a distance directly above a small plate or ladle or dosai ladle.
Give pressure over the handle of murukkupress to get strings of dough to come out of it through small holes of the plate.
Swirl the murukkupress in order to make a circular layer of murukku on the small plate or ladle or dosai ladle.
Cut the strings of dough from the murukkupress.

Make 3 or 4 at a time on different plates or ladles.

Keep the murukku press aside. Drop the murukku done on plate/ladle gently one by one into the hot oil.
Three or four murukkus can be fried at a time.
Allow to fry for a minute or two.

Then flip them to fry the other side.
When the murukku stops frying and the oil becomes silent, take it out of the oil.

Drain over a plate layered with tissue paper to absorb the excess oil.

Repeat the above procedure to fry next batch of murukku.
Fry murukku in batches in the same way until the dough got over.
Store in an airtight container.

It can be stored for a week to 10 days.

Note :
Try to fry murukku as soon as the dough has been prepared.

If large quantity of murukkus have to be done then rub all dry ingredients with oil in a big vessel.
Keep aside.
Take out only 1/4 th of the flour mix rubbed with oil in another vessel and knead into a dough with asafoetida-water & water.

If dough is kneaded all together at the beginning itself then the last batches of murukku fried would come out harder than the one prepared in first few batches.

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