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#KambuPakoda #BajraPakoda : #Pakoda is commonly prepared with besan.
Here let me present a recipe of pakoda made with Kambu flour [ bajra flour ].

Kambu Pakoda [ Bajra Pakoda ]

Ingredients :
3/4 cupkambu flour
1/3 cupBesan [ Kadalai maavu ]
2 TbspRice flour
1/4 TspTurmeric powder
3/4 TspRed chilly powder [ adjust ]
1/2 TspCumin powder
3/4 TspSalt [ adjust ]
3 TspHot oil
1 cupOil to fry

Other Ingredients :
2Onion, slice lengthwise
1/2 CupCabbage chopped
2 or 3Green chilly, chop nicely
10 - 15Curry leaves, chop nicely
2 or 3 TbspCoriander leaves chopped

Method :
Take oil in a clean and dry kadai.
Heat on a stove over a medium flame.
Take all the ingredients except hot oil in a basin and mix well.
Then add hot oil and rub with fingers.
Then add all chopped ingredients.

Knead into a tight dough by sprinkling little water.

Kambu Pakoda dough

Drop a small piece into the hot oil. If it comes to the surface of the oil immediately and starts frying then the oil is ready to fry pakodas. Slowly drop small small portions of pakoda dough in any shape into the oil.
Keep flipping the frying pakoda using a ladle until it becomes golden brown in color.

Kambu Pakoda [ Bajra Pakoda ]

Then transfer on to a plate lined with tissue paper.
Serve hot with tomato sauce. An ideal snack with tea/coffee.

Kambu Pakoda [ Bajra Pakoda ]

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