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#Boli #PooranPoli : I have already shared the recipe for boli [#poli ] with you all. I followed traditional method to prepare boli dough where I used maida flour to make the dough.
A few days back I tried the same boli just the same way as making paratha but stuffed puran inside. More over I used multigrain whole wheat flour for the dough which is rich in fiber and other nutrients.
Now let us see the recipe.
Can make approx. 4 to 5 boli of approx. 15 cm dia.

Boli [ pooran boli ]

1 CupMultigrain Whole Wheat flour
1/4 TspSalt
2 TspOil
Required quantity of Oil or ghee to make boli.

Method :
Prepare either kadalai paruppu pooranam or soya chunks pooranam to stuff inside the boli.

Take the multigrain wheat flour in a basin. Add salt.
Add approximately 1/4 cup of water and knead into a soft dough.
Add oil and knead well to make it soft and elastic.
Divide the dough into 4 or 5 equal pieces.
Roll into a ball and keep aside.

Heat a tawa on a stove over medium flame.

Dust the rolling board with flour.
Roll a ball into approximately 6 to 7 cm diameter circular disc.
Keep a palm sized ball of pooran at the center of the disc.
Cover the pooranam completely by the dough.

Flatten the pooranam stuffed dough ball by hand.
Then roll into approximately 15 cm diameter circular roti/paratha using rolling pin by dusting with flour on and off.
Rolled Boli [ pooran poli ]

Transfer the rolled boli gently over the hot tawa.
Allow half a minute to cook and then flip it.
Sprinkle oil over the boli and spread it using the dosai ladle.

Boli [ pooran poli ]

Flip the other side and apply oil in the same way.

Boli [ pooran poli ]

Transfer on to a serving plate once both sides of the boli turn golden color.

Boli [ pooran poli ]

Yummy tasty boli is ready.

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