Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Broken Wheat Thiruvadhirai Kali

#BrokenWheatthiruvadhiraiKali : #Kali ( pudding ) is thicker version of koozh ( porridge ) usually prepared with broken rice and green gram dhal. My mother used to prepare using a heavy bottomed vessel. Sometimes it comes out very well and sometimes not so good. It is a dish prepared with rice, green gram dhal and jaggery. The consistency of jaggery syrup is very important to make a proper kali. After so many failed attempts she found out a method to make #thiruvaadhiraikali using pressure cooker.
Here I used Broken wheat to prepare thiruvadhirai kali. Let us see the preparation.

Broken wheat thiruvadhirai kali

Ingredients :

broken wheat

3/4 Cup                                 Broken Wheat
1/4 Tbsp                                Green gram dhal
1/2 Cup                                  Coconut Scrap
1/2 Cup                                  Jaggery [ adjust ]
3                                            Cardamom
1 Pinch                                   Salt
2 Tsp                                      Ghee

Method :
Dry roast broken wheat until it gives out nice aroma and slightly turns to golden color.
Transfer onto a plate.

Then dry roast green gram dhal until it turns golden color.
Coarsely grind using a mixer grinder.
Take jaggery in a vessel. Add 1/2 Cup of water and keep on medium flame.
Stir well with a ladle to dissolve jaggery in water.
Turn off the stove when jaggery has completely dissolved in water.
Strain through a tea filter to remove small stones, sand particles and impurities present in jaggery.

Take roasted broken wheat, coarsely ground green gram dhal, coconut scrap, salt and cardamom powder in a cooker.
Totally 2 cups of liquid is required to cook.
So take the prepared jaggery mixed water and add enough water to make it 2 cups.

Close the lid and put on weight. Cook for 3 whistles and 5 minutes at SIM.
Wait till the steam completely subsides.
After opening the cooker add ghee and mix well with a ladle.
Yummy tasty kali is ready. Enjoy!!...

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