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Senai Special Kara Curry

#SenaiSpecialKaraCurry  #YamSpecialSpicyCurry : We have already seen a very simple way of doing Senai kizhangu kara curry. Sometimes senai get mashed up while flipping by a ladle. That problem will not happen when the curry is done in a special way. This special kara curry is generally prepared in marriage feasts. The cubed senai pieces are cooked and then fried in oil. Then the curry is prepared with onion, tomato and other masala powders. But I am going to use microwave to fry instead of frying in oil. Here comes the method.

Senai Special Kara Curry [ Yam Special Spicy Curry ]

Ingredients :

1 cup                                Senai [ Yam ] pieces
1 pinch                              Turmeric powder
1/4 Tsp                              Red chilly powder
1/2 Tsp                              Salt

For Curry :

1 small size                        Onion
1                                       Tomato
8                                       Curry leaves
small quantity                     Coriander leaves
1/2 Tsp                             Red chilly powder
1 pinch                              Turmeric powder

To Temper :
1/2 TSp                             Mustard seeds
1 Tsp                                 Urad dal
2 Tsp                                 Oil

Method :
Take pieces of senai kizhangu [yam ] in a pressure cooker.
Pressure cook for 1 whistle.

Immediately release pressure and check whether its cooked soft.
do not overcook.
Strain through a colander and transfer the cooked senai into a microwave safe bowl.

Cooked Senai [ Yam ]

Add a tsp of oil and mix well
Microwave HIGH for a minute.
Take out. Mix once and again keep for another 1/2 minute.
The senai pieces have to be microwaved until they slightly turn to  golden color.
Keep aside.

Microwaved Senai [ Yam ]

Keep a kadai with oil on medium flame.
Crackle mustard and then add urad dal and allow to become golden color.
Then add curry leaves, a small quantity of coriander leaves, turmeric powder and chilly powder.
Now immediately add sliced onion and saute for 2 minutes.
Then add nicely chopped tomato pieces and saute for 3 minutes.

Now add microwaved senai and enough salt.
Mix well and saute for 2 minutes.
Since senai has already been cooked it is not necessary to keep it on fire for too long.

Senai Special Kara Curry [ Yam Special Spicy Curry ]

Transfer into a serving bowl and garnish with coriander leaves.

Notes :

  • It is very important to cook senai properly to get a tasty kara curry.
  • If senai pieces are over cooked they will get mashed up and spoil the texture of kara curry.
  • The time taken to microwave depends on the amount of senai pieces taken.
  • To make it spicy add some more quantity of red chilly.
  • If microwave is not available fry cooked senai in oil. 

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