Monday, December 19, 2016


#FreshGreenPepperSpicyChutney : #Blackpepper is called as 'king of spices' because of its flavor and strong spicy pungent taste. It has many medicinal properties and has been used in our native medicinal system since ancient times. This spice has also been used by our mothers and grand mothers to treat common cold & cough since long.
Recently we had been to a hill station near my place. I had plucked and brought home some green peppercorns from an estate. I had tried a #chutney with these fresh black pepper. The taste was so good and thought of sharing the recipe with you all.

Fresh green pepper spicy chutney

Ingredients :
2 - 3Fresh Green peppercorns with stem
4 - 5Garlic cloves
2 - 3Green chilly [ adjust ]
2 TbspWhite vinegar [ adjust ]
3/4 TspSalt [ adjust ]

Method :
Wash fresh green pepper in water and pluck peppercorns from the stem.
Put all the given ingredients in a blender and grind into a smooth paste.
Adjust vinegar and salt to get desired taste.
Blend well.
Aromatic and spicy chutney is ready.
Transfer into a serving bowl.

An excellent accompaniment to appam, idlidosai and kuzhi paniyaram.

Fresh green pepper spicy chutney

It can be saved in refrigerator for 3 to 4 days. But as time passes the color of the chutney begins to change from fresh green color and becomes slightly black in color. Nevertheless its taste remains the same.

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