Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Nellikkai Rice

#NellikkaiRice : #CountryNellikkai and #Nellikkai [ #Amla ] have been used in this recipe to prepare a tasty and healthy #mixedrice. The scientific name of #countrynellikkai is Phyllanthus acidus. Locally it is called by name #AraNellikkai. During my schooldays I used to relish on these sour tasting berries from small vendors at the entrance of my school. The other day I saw this tree at the backyard of our apartment. Now my teeth are very sensitive and I couldn't enjoy it anymore. So I plucked some berries from the tree and tried a rice variety. The rice tastes just like lemon rice but with aroma of nellikkai and its nutrients.
Now comes the recipe.

Nellikkai rice

Ingredients :
1 cupCooked rice
10 - 15Country nellikkai
3 - 4Nellikkai [ Amla ]
1 or 2Green chilly [ adjust ]
8 - 10Curry leaves
2 TbspGroundnut [ peanut ]
2 TspGram dhal
1/2 TspMustard seed
1/4 TspAsafoetida powder
1/4 TspTurmeric powder
4 TspGingelly oil [ till / sesame oil ]
1 1/2 TspSalt [ adjust ]

Method :
Wash both nellikkkai varieties and pat dry with a clean cotton cloth.
Remove the seed and chop nicely.
Chop green chilly and tear curry leaves into pieces.
Set aside.
Heat a kadai on a stove over medium heat.
Add oil and add mustard seed once it becomes hot.
Add gram dhal and groundnuts once mustard seeds crackle.
Keep stirring till groundnut crackles and turns golden color.
Now add asafoetida powder, green chilly and curry leaves.
Add turmeric powder & chopped nellikkai and saute till it becomes soft.
Finally add salt and saute for half a minute.
Add cooked rice and mix well.
Adjust salt and mix well.

Turn off the stove and transfer into a serving bowl.
Tasty n tangy nellikkai rice is ready to relish.
Have nellikkai rice with thayir pachadi [ raitha ] or any dry curry.

Nellikkai rice

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