Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Podi Dosai

#Dosai topped with #IdlyMilagaiPodi [ #IdlyChillyPowder ] is known as #PodiDosai. It is one of the best #packedfood recipes and no need to pack any side dish for this tiffin. Let us see the method of making this spicy #dosai for #lunchbox.

Podi dosai

Ingredients :
Dosai Batter
Idly Batter

Take any powder of your choice :
Idly Milagai Podi - Idly Chilly Powder
Idly Chilly Powder with Flax
Flax Powder for Rice

Oil to make Dosai preferrably Gingelly oil [ till / sesame oil ]

Method :
Heat a tawa over medium flame.
Spread 2 drops of oil using a clean and dry muslin cloth.
Put dosai batter at the center and spread evenly with the back of a flat ladle.
Now spread two spoons of Idly chilly powder.
Then apply one spoon of oil over the dosai. Use plenty of oil for this dosai.
When the rim of the dosai becomes golden color flip the dosai using a dosai ladle.

Allow it to cook well on the other side.
Transfer on to a plate.

Podi dosai

Relish this spicy podi dosai when its hot.
If it is to be packed allow it to cool down. Then pack in a dry tiffin box or roll it in a foil.

To make it still more nutritious and to increase its fiber content, green leafy vegetables can also be included with the batter.
Here is how
See the link to make batter for Spinach Dosai.
Here I used Flax Powder for Rice .
After spreading dosai batter on hot tawa sprinkle one or two spoon full of powder.
Apply oil over it.
Cook well on both sides.
Transfer on to a plate

No need of any Chutney. If you wish can have it with Pudhina chutney or Coconut chutney.

Spinach Podi Dosai
Pack in a tiffin box after the dosai has been cooled down to room temperature.

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