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#Dosai : This is commonly called #maavudosai or simply dosai. The Hotels popularised Masaal dosai, saadhaa roast, special roast, ghee roast, etc., so much that many persons have forgotten the soft dosai done with idly batter. Nowadays dosai means those crispy oil or ghee soaked dosai for many!! Actually the soft & fluffy dosai prepared from well fermented idly batter is more tastier than these crispy dosai.


Of course!!... it is also possible to make crispy special roast dosai with this batter applying lot of oil or ghee.

Dosai Roast

After fermentation, use the upper half batter to prepare idly.
The lower half can be used to make dosai. If Idly is prepared in the morning for breakfast, then use the rest of the batter to make dosai for dinner. 
Now to see the method of making dosai...

Ingredients :
Fermented Idly batter
Oil to make dosai

Method :
Dilute Idly batter by adding little water.
Heat a tawa over a medium flame.
Take a small piece of muslin cloth to grease the tawa.
Add few drops of oil over the tawa  or soak the cloth with little oil and grease the tawa.
Now keep approximately 1/2 cup of batter at the center.
Spread evenly using the back of the flat ladle.
Add few drops of oil here and there over the surface of the dosai.
Keep the thickness of the dosai approximately 1 to 2 mm.
It will raise a little bit making lot of holes on the surface.
To get this effect, the tawa should be heated to correct temperature and also the batter should be well fermented.

Flip the dosai using a dosai ladle.


Transfer on to a plate when both the sides are cooked till golden color.


It can also be taken out just before the color changes to golden color. This way the dosai remains softer and tastier than golden color dosai.


Enjoy with coconut chutney or sambar or any other spicy chutney of your choice.
Here soft dosai served with Coriander Chutney.
Have it when its hot


To make crispy roasted dosai, keep 1 to 11/2 [ less than 1/2 cup ] ladle full of batter at the centre after greasing the tawa using a cloth soaked in oil.
Spread the batter using the flat bottom of the ladle [ or use a small flat bottomed cup or bowl ] into a very thin dosai.

Dosai roast

Apply oil or ghee liberally. Cook until it turns golden.
Then flip it using a dosai ladle to cook the other side.

Dosai ghee roast

Transfer on to a plate after both the sides are cooked well.
Have hot dosai with sambar or any spicy chutney.

Dosai roast

Note :
These soft & fluffy dosai has to be relished when its hot. Otherwise it would loose its fluffiness and become dry.

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