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Ragi Sweet Adai

#RagiSweetAdai - #Ragi Sweet #Pancake is a sweet made using Ragi flour and jaggery. Ragi is known as #Kevuru or #Kezhvaragu in Tamil. It is also called #Fingermillet in English.
Ragi is the richest source of Calcium compared to all other millet and other grains. It also contains protein, Iron and other minerals. Its fat content is very less compared to rice or wheat. So those who would like to shed some weight should include ragi in their regular diet.
It grows well even under severe drought condition and also one of the widely grown millet in India especially in Karnataka, South India.

Kezhvaragu Inippu Adai [ Ragi Sweet Pancake ]

Ingredients :
1/2 cup                                  Ragi flour [ Kevuru maavu ]
1/4 cup                                  Jaggery [ adjust ]


1/4 cup                                  Coconut scrap
2 Tsp                                     Amaranth seeds
2 or 3                                    Cardamom
A small piece                         Nutmeg
A small piece                         Maze
2 Tsp                                    Sugar
1 Tsp                                    Gingelly oil [ Till / Sesame oil ]
1 pinch                                  Salt

Oil to prepare pancake over tawa

Method :

Take sugar, cardamom, maze, and nutmeg in a hand pounding vessel.
Make into a fine powder and keep aside.

Dissolve jaggery in 1/8 cup of hot water.
Keep on stove over slow flame for a minute.
Stir well with a ladle to dissolve it completely.
Strain through a tea filter to remove sand stones and other impurities.
Allow to cool down a little bit.

Take all the other ingredients except coconut in a wide mouthed vessel.
Now add lukewarm jaggery water and mix well with a ladle or using hand.
Make a tight dough.

Then add coconut scrap, gingelly oil and knead again well.

Take banana leaf or a clean plastic sheet.
Apply oil over it.
Keep a ball of prepared dough.
Spread evenly after greasing hand with oil and make a circular pancake.
Kezhvaragu Inippu Adai [ Ragi Sweet Pancake ] Kezhvaragu Inippu Adai [ Ragi Sweet Pancake ]

Heat a tawa over medium flame.
Sprinkle oil and then slowly transfer pancake over to tawa.
Apply oil over the pancake also.
Cook well on both sides.
Kezhvaragu Inippu Adai [ Ragi Sweet Pancake ] Kezhvaragu Inippu Adai [ Ragi Sweet Pancake ]

While flipping, the pancake may break as ragi flour is not sticky in nature and doesn't hold together.
Transfer on to a serving plate.

Kezhvaragu Inippu Adai [ Ragi Sweet Pancake ]

This can be stored in an air tight container for 2 days.
A very healthy and yummy pancake is ready.

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