Monday, May 5, 2014

Podi Idly

#PodiIdly : #Podi Idly is nothing but #Idly coated with Idly #Milagai Podi - Idly Chilly Powder. This podi Idly is one of the best lunch box food items liked by all in our Idly land, the great Tamil Nadu.
If the idlis are coated with Idly milagai podi properly, it will not get spoiled even after two days.
Here is the method of coating idly with Idly Milagai podi.

podi idly

Ingredients :
Idli Milagai Podi [ Idli Chilly Powder ]
Or Idli Milagai Podi with Flax seeds
Gingelly Oil [ Till / sesame oil ]

Method :
Take idlis to be coated with milagai podi in a plate.
The idlis can be hot or warm.

Sprinkle a few drops of gingelly oil over them.
Smear all over the surface using fingers.
Oil should be applied on both sides.

Now keep a spoon of idly milagai podi [ adjust according to your taste ] over an idly and add a tsp or half a tsp of oil.
Spread nicely over the top surface of the idly.

Flip other side and do the same.

Repeat the same method to coat over all other idlis.
Allow all the coated idlis to cool down to room temperature.
Arrange in a tiffin box after it completely cooled down.
They can also be packed in a banana leaf which gives a nice aroma to these spicy podi idlies.

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