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Foxtail Millet - Thinai

#FoxtailMillet is known as #Thinai or #thinaiArisi in Tamil. It belongs to minor #Millet variety.
The botanical name is Seteria italica.
Foxtail millet whole grain Foxtail millet [ Thinai arisi ]

All millet varieties [ kodo, foxtail, finger. proso, pearl and little millets ] are gluten free and show high antioxidant activity.
Foxtail millet may help in controlling blood sugar and cholestrol.
Foxtail millet is a very good source of protein, iron, significant amount of calcium and other minerals.
It is also rich in fiber compared to generally consumed cereals.

Thina has been used as a staple food in Tamil Nadu since time immemorial  and given as prasadam to worship the God Murugan.

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Thinai Dosai [ Foxtail millet dosai ]
Thinai dosai
Thinai Dosai 1 [ Foxtail millet dosai 1 ]
Thinai dosai 1
Thinai Kuzhi Paniyaram [ Foxtail millet Kuzhi paniyaram ]
Thinai kuzhi paniyaram
Thinai Urulai kizhangu Boli [ Foxtail millet Aloo Boli ]
Thinai aloo boli
Thinai Pongal [ Foxtail millet Pongal ]
Thinai Pongal
Thinai Maavu Dosai [ Foxtail millet Dosai ]
Thinai Maavu dosai
Thinai Appam Kerala style [ Foxtail millet Appam ]
Thinai Appam Kerala style
Thinai Neer Dosai [ Foxtail millet Neer Dosai ]
Thinai neer dosai
Thinai Upma [ Foxtail millet Upma ]
Thinai upma
Thinai Pidi Kozhukattai [ Foxtail Millet Dumpling ]
Thinai pidi kozhukattai
Thinai Neer Kozhukattai [ Foxtail Millet Dumpling in water ]
Thinai neer kozhukattai
Thinai Payasam [ Foxtail millet Payasam ]
Thinai payasam
Thinai Paal Payasam 2 [ Foxtail millet Payasam 2 ]
Thinai payasam 2
Thinai Paal Payasam 3 [ Foxtail millet Payasam 3 ]
Thinai payasam 3
Thinai Payasam 4 [ Foxtail millet Payasam 4 ]
Thinai payasam 4
Carrot Thinai Payasam [ Carrot Foxtail millet Payasam ]
Thinai carrot payasam
Thinai Fruit Custard [ Foxtail millet Fruit Custard ]
Thinai fruit custard

Sweet/Sweet Snack/Sweet Tiffin
Thinai Inippu Kuzhi Paniyaram [ Foxtail millet Sweet Kuzhi Paniyaram ]
Thinai sweet paniyaram
Thinai Urundai [ Foxtail millet Balls ]
Thinai Urundai
Thinai Ellu Urundai [ Foxtail millet till ball]
Thinai Ellu urundai
Thinai Pottukadalai Urundai [ Foxtail millet friedgram ball]
Thinai pottukadalai urundai
Thinai sakkarai pongal [ Foxtail millet sweet pongal]
Thinai sakkarai pongal

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#KambuKuzhiPaniyaram #PearlMilletKuzhiPaniyaram [ #BajraKuzhiPaniyaram ] : I generally used to prepare dosai from #KambuFlour and #KambuKoozh with kambu rawa [ broken kambu ]. First time I prepared #KambuIdli from whole kambu [ #pearlmillet ] and it was a great success. The success of kambu idli gave me courage to try other tiffin varieties now.
Here comes the recipe.

Kambu Kuzhi Paniyaram

Ingredients :
2 cupKambu Idli Batter
1/4 cupRawa or Broken wheat
1/2 TspSalt [ adjust ]
1 TbspOnion finely chopped
1 TbspCarrot finely chopped
1 TbspCapsicum finely chopped
1/4 cupCoriander finely chopped
1/4 cupFenugreek leaves finely chopped [ optional ]
8 - 10Curry leaves, finely chop
1 or 2Green chilly, finely chop
To Temper :
1/2 TspMustard seeds
2 TspGram dhal
1/4 TspAsafoetida Powder
2 TspOil

Method :
Take Kambu Idli Batterrawa or broken wheat and salt in a vessel.
Mix well adding 1/4 cup of water.
Let it stand for half an hour.

After half an hour heat kuzhi paniyaram tawa on a stove over slow flame.
On the other burner heat a kadai with oil.
Crackle mustard seeds and then add gram dhal and asafoetida powder.
Once the dhal becomes golden brown add onion and saute for half a minute.
Then add carrot, green chilly and capsicum.
Saute for a minute.

Transfer all sauteed ingredients into the batter.
Also add other greens to the batter.
Mix well and the batter should be of Idli batter consistency.
If the batter is too thick add little water to get required consistency.

Pour quarter teaspoon of oil in each pit of kuzhi paniyara tawa.
Once the tawa becomes hot pour a ladle full of batter in each pit.
Sprinkle oil over the batter in each pit and cook on medium flame.
Turn each kuzhi paniyaram upside down using a spoon after the edges turns golden in color.
Cook both sides till golden color.
Take out and arrange on a plate or serving bowl.
Tasty and healthy kambu kuzhi paniyaram is ready to serve.
Serve hot with any spicy chutney.
Here served with spicy n tangy Manngai chutney.

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Cholam Kuzhi Paniyaram [ Sorghum kuzhipaniyaram ]
Cholam Kuzhi Paniy
kevuru ( ragi ) sweet kuzhi paniyaram
kevuru sweet kuzhi pa
Thinai Sweet Kuzhi Paniyaram [ Foxtail Millet Sweet Kuzhipaniyaram ]
Thinai Sweet KP

Thursday, May 28, 2015


#KaruvaeppilaiThakkaliChutney #CurryLeafTomatoChutney : #Karuvaeppilai [ #Curryleaf ] is commonly used in Tamilian cooking for its aroma and taste. But Ayurvedic system of medicine has been using curry leaves for its medicinal property since time immemorial.

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Most of the time people used to throw away curry leaves while eating their food. So it has to be included in such a way that they can not keep aside the leaves while having food.
Here comes a recipe of chutney where curry leaves have been used in plenty and grind into a paste along with other ingredients.

Karuvaeppilai Thakkali Chutney [ Curry leaf Tomato chutney ]

Ingredients :
1/4 cupKaruvaeppilai [ Curry leaf ]
2 medium sizeTomato
10 - 12Small onion
2 or 3Garlic cloves
2 TspBlack gram split [ urad dhal ]
3 - 4Red chilly
1/4 TspAsafoetida powder
small marble sizeTamarind
2 TspCoriander leaves chopped
1 TspOil
1 1/2 TspSalt
To Temper :
1/2 TspOil
1/2 TspMustard seeds
1/2 TspBlack gram split
4 - 6 cupKaruvaeppilai [ Curry leaf ]

Method :
Soak tamarind in lukewarm water.

Keep a kadai on stove with oil and heat over a medium flame.
Add asafoetida, red chilly and urad dal once it becomes hot..
Keep stirring until urad dal turns golden color.
Switch off the stove and transfer onto a plate.

Take onion and garlic in a microwave safe bowl.
Add 2 drops of oil and toss to coat the surface of onions and garlic with oil.
Microwave HIGH for 1 1/2 minnutes and take out.
Add tomato pieces into the same bowl and add 2 drops of oil over the tomato pieces.
Microwave for 45 seconds.
Take out and allow it to cool down to room temperature.

Take fried ingredients and salt in a mixer jar.
Grind coarsely.
Now add microwaved ingredients, soaked tamarind and grind well.

Finally add coriander leaves and Curry leaves.
Grind into a smooth paste.
Adjust salt and transfer into a serving bowl.

Heat the same kadai with oil on stove over a medium flame.
Splutter mustard seeds once the oil becomes hot.
Then add black gram split and keep stirring until it becomes golden color.
Finally add curry leaves and turn off the stove.
Pour the tempering over the prepared chutney.

An excellent side dish for Idli, Dosai and Adai [ Pancake ].

Karuvaeppilai Thakkali Chutney [ Curry leaf Tomato chutney ]

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#PearlMillet  is called #Kambu in Tamil. It is known as #Bajra in Hindi. This millet is grouped under major millet along with Sorghum.
The botanical name is Pennisetum galucum.

Pearl Millet [ Kambu ]

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Kambu Dosai [ Bajra Dosai ]
Kambu Dosai
Kambu Koozh [ Bajra - Pearl millet Porridge ]
Kambu Koozh
Kambu Cauliflower Pancake [ Pearl millet Pancake ]
Kambu Cauliflower Pancake
Kambu Idli [ Bajra Idli ]
Kambu Amaranth Sweet Kuzhi Paniyaram
Kambu Amaranth Sweet Kuzhi Paniyaram
Kambu Kuzhi Paniyaram [ Pearl millet kuzhipaniyaram ]
Kambu Kuzhi

Kambu Murukku [ Bajra Murukku ]
Kambu Murukku
Kambu Pakoda [ Bajra Pakoda ]
Kambu Pakoda
Kambu Singara Neerkozhukattai [ Bajra Singara Dumpling ]
Kambu Singara Neerkozhukattai

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