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Vilampazham Sweet

#VilampazhamSweet  #WoodappleSweet : #Vilampazham - #woodapple is a seasonal fruit available during vinayagar chathurthy festival. It has a thick outer shell, slightly greenish pale white in color. Ripe fruit smells nice and if you shake could hear the pulp inside rolling. Break open the shell by banging on floor to take out the pulp inside. The ripe fruit pulp is generally honey colored, little bit sour but sweeter than unripe one. It can be consumed raw without adding anything. But sometimes fully developed ripe fruits are also very very sour in taste.
The unripe ones are sour in taste and also slightly astringent. Its color is lighter than the ripe fruit.
To prepare the sweet, pulp has to be scooped out of the shell and mashed either with hand or with a heavy spoon.
Then mixed well adding jaggery and a pinch of salt.
The mixed sweet thus prepared is little bit tangy and sweet and its color depends on the color of the pulp and also that of jaggery.
Do not throw away the shell. The prepared sweet can be served in it and it can also be added to rasam for its flavor and sourness.

vilampazham sweet [ woodapple sweet ]

Ingredients :
Vilampazham                         : 1
Jaggery                                   : 1/2 cup ( adjust )
Salt                                         : a pinch ( adjust )
Cardamom powder                 : 1/4 Tsp [ optional ]
Nutmeg powder                      : 1 pinch [ optional ]

vilampazham slightly unripe
vilampazham fully ripe
vilampazham sweet [ woodapple sweet ] vilampazham sweet [ woodapple sweet ]

Method :
Scoop out the pulp using a spoon.
Take pulp in a wide mouthed vessel preferably a basin.
Mash with a spoon or hand.
Add salt and jaggary.
Mix well. Adjust salt and jaggary according to your taste.

Add cardamom powder and nutmeg powder if you like it.
Now tangy n sweet vilampazham mix is ready.

Enjoy sweet n sour vilampazham sweet!!

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