Sunday, October 27, 2013

Spinach Adai

#SpinachAdai #SpinachPancake #KodiPasalaiAdai : We all must have seen popular Popeye Cartoon show on TV, wherein Popeye used to open a sealed can and swallow Spinach at one go. Immediately after he gains immense strength to fight against the villain. But it is very difficult to eat like him. When it is cooked become viscous and doesn't have any distinct taste. But Spinach is rich in iron.
To learn the health benefits of Spinach click here.
In my back yard I have planted Spinach and this creeper running along the fence.
In order to make it tasty and to consume plenty of it I made many trials. One such trial become successful and that is adai with Spinach.
Generally adai is prepared with either bottle gourd or tender yellow pumpkin.
This one came out very well and tasty too.

Kodi Pasalai Adai [ Spinach Adai ]

Ingredients :
Save 1/3 cup of Rice Batter While grinding for Idli Maavu ( Idly batter ) in the fridge.

Other Ingredients to grind :
1/3  cup     Kadalai Paruppu ( Bengal gram )
1/3  cup     Tuvaram Paruppu ( Red gram  )
1 tsp          Asafoetida
4               Red chilly
1 tsp         Cumin seeds
1 tsp         Fennel seeds
1/2 inch     Ginger piece
salt           1 tsp ( adjust )
oil             to make adai

To add to Batter :
Spinach chopped

10           Curry leaves chopped nicely
3 tsp        Coriander leaves chopped nicely
2 tsp        Carrot grated
1 cup       Spinach chopped nicely
1 tblsp     Onion chopped nicely

Method :
I have taken out 1/3 cup of rice batter while grinding for Idli and saved in fridge.

Take all the ingredients to grind in a mixer grinder jar.
Grind coarsely.
Transfer into a vessel.
Add rice batter and mix well.

Now add Spinach, onion,carrot, curry leaves and coriander leaves.
Mix well and adjust salt.
The batter should be slightly thick and able to spread on tawa easily.

Now keep a tawa on medium heat and spread oil over it.
When the tawa becomes hot keep a big ladle full of batter at the centre.
Spread over the hot tawa into a circle of 12 cm diameter and nearly 2 mm thickness.
Add 1/2 tsp of oil over adai and also all around.
Allow to cook till the bottom becomes golden color.
Turn upside down with a flat dosai ladle.
Transfer onto a serving plate after both the sides are cooked well.
I used to relish adai only with jaggary.
It can also be enjoyed with Aviyal or coconut chutny or murungaikai sambar.

Adai [ Pancake ] BatterAdai [ Pancake ] Batter
Spinach Adai [ Spinach Pancake ] Spinach Adai [ Spinach Pancake ]
Spinach Adai [ Spinach Pancake ] Spinach Adai [ Spinach Pancake ]
Note :
If Idli Maavu ( Idli batter ) is not there then
Soak 1/3 cup   Idli Rice and 1/3 cup   Raw Rice for 2 hours.
Grind coarsely and transfer into a vessel. Then grind all the ingredients coarsely and mix well.

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