Monday, October 7, 2013

Milagu Podi - Pepper Powder

#PepperPowder  is used in the preparation of omelette, dhal, pongal and in some currries. Pepper mixed with hot white rice with a spoon of ghee tastes very good.

Pepper Powder [ milagu podi ]

Prepare pepper powder and store in a air tight container. But make in small quantities as it loses its aroma and hotness if stored for a longer time.

Ingredients :
pepper                            : 1/4 cup
cumin                             : 1/4 cup
curry leaf powder         : 1 tsp
salt                                 : 2 tsp ( adjust )

Method :
Dry roast pepper and cumin seeds till they give out aroma.
Cool down to room temperature.
Take roasted ingredients, salt and curry powder.

Grind into a nice powder.
Store in an air tight bottle/container.

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