Saturday, October 26, 2013

Preserving Pudina

Last year when I went to market bought a bunch of Pudina [ mint ] keerai. After plucking the leaves planted those stems in my backyard. When I planted it was raining so immediately started growing well. After monsoon I replanted them near a tap so that it receives water always. This year during monsoon they spread in all direction and formed a large bed of Pudina. I wanted to preserve them for future use. So I dried these leaves and preserved.
I am sharing with you all how I dried Pudina leaves.

Pluck the leaves.
Wash the leaves thoroughly two or three times.
Transfer into a colander to drain water.

Spread a clean kitchen towel on a big plate or on the floor.
Now spread the washed leaves on the towel.

The excess water will be absorbed by the towel.
Keep stirring the leaves at regular intervals with hands to dry out.
Then transfer the leaves in two or three plates.

Keep it open in an airy place inside the house to dry.
Slowly the leaves started drying and in the process the color also changes.

After a day or two leaves completely lose water and become brittle.
Then keep in the Hot Sun for half an hour.
Now it can be stored in an airtight clean dry container.

The dried leaves are as good as fresh one and still retain its aroma!

It can be used in the preparation of briyani, pulav, chutney, chappathy.... etc.,....