Tuesday, October 11, 2011

White Rice

How to cook white rice using a pressure cooker?
Ingredients :
Rice                       : 1 cup

Water                    : 2 cups ( if raw rice )
                              : 2 1/2 cups ( if parboiled or steamed )
                              :1 1/2 cups ( if basmati )

Method 1 :
Cooking directly in a cooker
Wash the rice thoroughly & then add required amount of water.
Close the lid after checking the valves.
Keep it on HIGH flame with weight.
After 3 whistles switch off for raw rice and basmati rice.
For parboiled / steamed rice, after 2 whistle keep the cooker on slow flame for 5 more minutes.
Open the lid only after it ran out of  the steam completely.
cooked rice

Method 2 :
Cooking rice in a cooker separator or any vessel which fits 
into cooker.
Take the measured rice in a vessel and wash thoroughly.
Add required amount of water.
Add a cup of water in the cooker.
Put the bottom plate of the cooker.
Now keep the vessel over the plate.
Close the lid & put on the weight.
Keep the cooker on HIGH. 
After one whistle reduce the flame to SIM.
Now cook for 10 minute for raw rice.
And 15 minutes for parboiled or steamed rice.
Water quantity & time vary according to the rice quality.

cooked rice

The measurements are just for guidelines only.
Find out exact measurements by trial & error.

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