Monday, May 27, 2013

Karuveppilai Powder - Curry Leaf Powder

#KaruvaeppilaiPowder  #CurryLeafPowder : Fresh and aromatic #Karuvaeppilai [ #Curry Leaf ] is one of the very important ingredients in Tamilian cooking. We also use dried curry leaf in the preparation of essential powders that are necessary for our day to day cooking. So the leaves are dried and made into a fine powder when good quality curry leaves are available in the market.

This powder can be preserved in a clean and dry container for future use.

Pluck leaves from stem and discard stems.
Keep aside tender leaves. Tender leaves are not suitable for making curry powder.
Spread a big clean cloth on the floor in an empty place inside your house.
Now wash the leaves thoroughly and spread over the cloth to dry.
Keep stirring the leaves on the cloth to dry well.
Now transfer the leaves into big plate and let it dry for 3 to 4 days inside the house or in the shadow.

When the leaves are completely dried, it becomes brittle and makes a " kala kala " sound.
If you feel still the leaves are not completely dried then keep in the Sun for quarter to half an hour.

Then powder the dried leaves using mixer grinder.

Store in a clean and dry air tight container.

This powder comes in handy whenever we run out of curry leaves at home.
This curry powder is generally added to sambar powder, rasam powder, milagai podi for idlypepper powder and also in paruppu podi.

Note :
The dried leaves can be stored in a clean and dry air tight container. These dried leaves can be used in all our recipes just like fresh curry leaves.

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