Monday, May 20, 2013

Rice Pancakes - Rice Dosa

#RicePancakes / #Ricedosa
I found this recipe pop up on my Facebook timeline at the right moment when I had lots of leftover rice, with which I had no clue what to do . Tried this today with some minor modification to the original recipe and it was really tasty and very filling. The dosa batter is ready in a jiffy and its a great recipe to use up leftover rice. I think in the future I am going to make extra white rice so that I can make this dosa the next day.

Cooked Rice Pancake


Cooked Rice- 1 cup
Besan          - 1/2 cup
Rice flour    - 2 tbsp
onion          - 1 small
chillies        - 1 tsp finely chopped
curry leaves - 1 tsp finely chopped
Dhania         - 2 tbsp
(coriander leaves)
Hing            - 1/4 tsp
(asafoetida )
Turmeric     - 1/4 tsp
Salt              - to taste
Oil               - 1-2 tbsp to make dosa

This quantity makes about 7-8 dosas.

Method :

1. Mash the cooked rice slightly and add besan , rice flour and hing . Mix it.
2.  Add enough water to the mixture and combine to get a dosa batter consistancy, it will be slightly thick and not too liquidy.
3. Add chopped onions, curry leaves, dhania ,chillies, turmeric and salt and mix well.
4. Heat a tava/pan and spread a little oil and spoon out one and half ladle of the batter and spread it slightly. Add a few drops of oil on the top as well.
5. Cook on medium heat, once bubbles start appearing on the top and it looks slightly cooked turn the dosa over and cook for about a minute.
6. When both sides are cooked remove and serve with any chutney of your choice.
Cooked Rice Pancake

I used less then 1/2 tsp of oil per dosa, but if you prefer more oil in your dosa you can add more or can add ghee or butter as well.
This dosa is good with milagai podi as well. The recipe for Milagai podi is here.

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