Tuesday, April 15, 2014


This is a jaggery mixed lemon juice and flavoured with cardamom. This drink is done on Chithra Pournami - Full Moon day of the Tamil month Chitthirai along with neer more to serve before God. The tamarind fruits are harvested in this month only. This is also used to make this drink.
Let us see the method of preparing Panakam.

Ingredients to prepare a glass :
1 Tsp                                     Lemon juice
A small marble size                 Tamarind new fresh one
1 inch long piece                     Ginger
1 pinch                                   Cardamom powder
1 pinch                                   Salt
3 Tsp                                     Jaggery [ adjust ]

Method :
Soak tamarind in lukewarm water.
Clean ginger and peel off.
Crush and soak in 1/4 cup of water. Keep aside for half an hour.
Dissolve jaggery in 1/4 cup of water.
After half an hour add only ginger soaked water into jaggery mixed water.
Squeeze out tamarind and add into the jaggery mixed water.
Now add all other ingredients to this mix.
Mix well with a spoon.
Filter using a tea filter.
Serve chilled.