Thursday, April 10, 2014

Honey Nellikkai - Honey Amla

#HoneyNellikkai  #HoneyAmla : Indian #gooseberry, #nellikkai in Tamil is a fruit extensively used in Indian system of medicine since time immemorial. We have learned that the King Adhiyamaan gifted the great Tamil poetess Avvaiyaar a gooseberry - nellikkai for her long life. It implies that amla is connected with longevity of ones' life and helps in prevention of diseases. To know more on nellikkai .

My mother used to preserve nellikkai by keeping it soaked in honey. This time when I went to my home I took nellikkai there. Then we made this honey nellikkai.
Here it is

Ingredients :
Nellikkai                                   1/2 Kg
Honey                                       1/2 lt
1 Tsp                                        Ghee

Method :
Wash and pat dry with a clean & dry kitchen towel.
Grate all nellikkai using a carrot grater.
Spread on a plate and allow to dry in the hot Sun the whole day.
grated nellikkai drying in the Sun

In the evening keep a kadai over a slow flame.
Add ghee and the nellikkai.
Keep stirring until it loses moisture and becomes slightly golden color.

Transfer onto a plate.
Allow to cool down to room temperature.
Take one or two clean and dry bottles.
Make sure that the sauteed nellikkai has completely cooled down.
Fill the sauteed nellikkai into the bottle.

Honey Nellikkai [ Honey Amla ]

Add honey to completely cover the nellikkai in the bottle.
Close with a lid and keep in a cool and dry place.

Honey Nellikkai [ Honey Amla ]

Daily shake a bit and keep aside.
We can start consuming it after a week.
No harm even if you start consuming after a day or two.

It has to be consumed on an empty stomach to get full benefit of nellikkai.
Every day take a spoon of this honey nellikkai in the morning before coffee/tea.
It can be stored this way in normal room temperature for more than a year also.
Make sure that a clean & dry spoon is used to take out honey nellikkai from bottle.

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