Friday, February 1, 2013

Tomato Jam

#TomatoJam [ Microwave method ] : #FruitPreserves or simply #Jam is one of the ways to preserve fruits for future use or long term use. Jam is being prepared from fruit pulp adding sugar. Fruit pulp and sugar are mixed together well and cooked over slow fire till the mixture attains required consistency. Then the jam is being stored in a glass bottle/jar and sealed well. The jam can be stored for months if properly prepared and stored. 
We don't get pure #tomato jam in the market. We can get only some fruit preserves like pineapple jam, strawberry jam etc., or mixed fruit jam. We can prepare tomato jam at home when tomatoes are available in plenty. Pure tomato jam is very tasty and yummy. The taste depends on the tomato we have chosen. The country tomato gives more sour taste to the jam than the Bangalore tomato.

If the jam has to be stored for long term the selection of tomatoes is very very important. The tomatoes have to be firm and fully ripe. Wash tomatoes well and remove the eye of the tomato and cut them into pieces. Then blend them in a blender/mixer to get the pulp. Before making them into pulp the seed portions can be removed or strained through a sieve after the pulp has been prepared. But I haven't removed the seeds. I have used the tomato pulp with seeds intact.
Here comes the tomato jam preparation using microwave.

Tomato Jam [ Thakkali Jam ]

Ingredients :
Tomato ( naveen - bangalore ) pulp         : 2 cups
Sugar                                                        : 1 cup
Salt                                                           : 1 pinch

Method :
Wash tomatoes.
Extract pulp using a mixer grinder without adding water.
Take all the above ingredients in a microwave safe glassware.

Mix well and microwave HIGH for 5 miutes.

Take out mix well and again microwave for 5 minutes.
Every 5 minutes take out and stir well and again microwave the mix.
Thakkali Jam [ Tomato Jam ]
Approximately cook for 25 to 30 minutes to get required consistency.
Cooking time varies microwave oven to oven, power setting, and also according to the quantity taken.
The color of the tomato - sugar mix changes from pale orange red to deep thick red as it attains jam consistency.

The following image depicts various stages of jam.

1 watery after 10 mins, 2 little thicker after 15 min, 3 after 20 min, 4 jam ready after 25 min
After 20 minutes microwave 3 more minutes and place a spoon of jam on a plate. Let it cool for some time and check for jam consistency.
If you feel its still watery again microwave for 1 or 2 minutes.

Thakkali Jam [ Tomato Jam ]

Again check as above.
When ready store in a clean & dry glass bottle.
While transferring jam from bowl, keep the glass bottle over a wooden plank.
Allow the jam to cool down to room temperature.
Close the bottle only after it has completely cooled down.
Preserve it in fridge or outside.
To take jam from bottle always use dry spoon only.
Jam will remain good for at least 10 days without refrigeration.

Note : The taste differs if done with naattu thakkali ( sour local country tomato variety ).
Here I have made juice pulp with whole tomato. You can remove the center seeds portion before grinding which increases the shelf life of jam.
I have not used any preservative.

Do I have to tell you all how to relish jam!!!
Enjoy toasted bread, poori, chappathy, and even dosai with tomato jam!!!

Note :
1/4 Tsp of citric acid crystals can be added at the end. I haven't included in my preparation.

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