Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Ghee from Butter

#Ghee is mainly added in our daily diet to enhance the taste & aroma of the dish.
Like paruppu sadam ( dhal rice ), paruppu podi sadam ( dhal powder rice ), ghee poured over pongal, dosai, adai,.... and the list goes on. 
Ghee of different brands and also unbranded ones are available in the market. But if #butter is melted into ghee at home it tastes very good and the aroma matchless.
To get a good textured ( like sand grains ) ghee the butter should be of good quality.

Ingredients :

Butter                                 : 250 grams

Brumstick tender leaves        : very small quantity

Method :

Take butter in a thick bottomed vessel.
Keep the vessel on a slow flame.
Butter melts and becomes yellow color liquid.

After few minutes started foaming on the surface.

Then these foams disappear and bubble started coming with a sound.

Do not have to mix with a ladle.
You could see  some sediments at the bottom.
When theses sediments started turning to golden color add the leaves.

The sound and the bubbles completely goes off at one stage and the color of the sediments turns into golden brown color.

At this stage turn off the burner. Now the butter has turned into ghee.

Transfer the fried crispy drumstick leaves onto a plate.

Then transfer the ghee into a clean & dry container.

Use a clean dry spoons to take the ghee from the container.

Note : The fried leaves can be relished when its hot and crispy.

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