Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Watermelon - Orange Juice

Watermelons are spread on the sides of the road for sale as Summer has arrived. Some are light & dark striped ones, some in dark green ones, some big & small..... Seeing them I can't resist myself and I also bought one. It was so big that I have to cut into two halves and stored one half in fringe wrapping it with cling wrapper.
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First day I made juice with watermelon only. It tastes good but I felt if its little tangy then it would be better. So the next day I made juice with watermelon and orange in combination. The juice thus prepared was very tasty!!! So here comes the method

Ingredients :

2 cup                               Watermelon pieces
2                                     Orange
1 pinch                            salt
1 or 2 Tsp                       Honey [ optional ]
1/4                                 Apple [ optional ]
3 or 4                             Mint leaves [ if available ]

Method :
Squeeze orange juice using a citrus juicer.
Remove the seeds while squeezing.
Keep aside.

If possible remove seeds from watermelon pieces.
Run in a juicer jar with a pinch of salt.
If seeds are not removed beforehand strain through a big holed colander.
Now mix orange juice with watermelon juice.
Mix well with a spoon.

Peel off apple skin. Chop into thin pieces.

If you want the juice to be sweeter then add one or two spoons of honey.
Mix well.

Transfer into a juice glass.

Top it with apple pieces and thinly chopped mint leaves.