Saturday, May 2, 2015


About #Kalakkalsamayal :
Hi, I am Chitra, a Homemaker. I have been sharing traditional Tamilian recipes as well as other recipes of mine since 2011 as a reference material to my dear daughter who is studying in a foreign country.

I have been sharing simple vegetarian dishes that are essential for our day to day living. Most of the dishes are traditional Tamilian dishes passed on to me from my mother and other aunts of our family.
Leaving out fried items, most of the Tamilian vegetarian dishes require very little oil to cook. It has a wide variety of choices for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Moreover Tamilian food is well balanced too!

I am not a great cook. But whatever I do, I try to make it healthy and try to cook in an easier way.
Initially, when I started cooking, I knew only a very few things to cook which is enough for our survival. Then slowly I have started learning recipes when my daughter started going to school and had to prepare packed lunch for her.

Moreover if she likes a particular dish, then she would ask me to do the same dish continuously for weeks or till she gets bored. It might be her way of teaching me to do better and improve my cooking.
 "Practice makes a man perfect".

When we had been transferred to Bangalore, my husband was being affected by jaundice for a brief period. I had to cook without oil during those days. Thus I have mastered the art of cooking food without oil or with minimum oil. Since then I have been following the habit of low fat cooking till today. Generally, the amount of oil used to prepare a dish is less than what my mother use.

One more point is that I can't take spicy food at all. So the food cooked by me is always well balanced and tasty but not spicy at all.

Our next stay was in the land of millet, Raipur, Chhattisgarh. There all types of millet and other protein rich seeds were easily available in the market. I was regularly using those healthy alternatives in place of commonly available cereals in all my recipes.
Still I have been experimenting with these millet to make tasty tiffins, sweets and savory. They are as good as rice in taste as well as the ease of cooking. I have shared many of these successful recipes here.

I have tried to explain the way of preparing each dish in an easier way with clear pictures. I have shared only those tasty recipes that were successful when I prepared at home. As far as possible I have given correct measurements of ingredients required for each recipe in volume rather than by weight.
Happy Cooking!!!
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