Monday, December 23, 2013

Mushroom Palak Soup

#MushroomPalakSoup ; #Soup s are divided into two broad categories Vegetarian and non Vegetarian. Again some soups are made slightly watery and some are thick. Corn flour or maida is generally used to thicken the soup. But we can use broken wheat, broken maize, oats or broken bajra ( pearl millet ) instead of flour to get extra fiber.
Yesterday I bought fresh palak and mushroms from market and I decided to do a soup after our regular evening walk. Here is the method to do mushroom palak soup.

Mushroom Palak Soup

Ingredients :
2 or 3                                       Mushrooms
1/2 cup                                     Nicely chopped Palak
2 Tsp                                       Nicely chopped Coriander leaves
1 Tbsp                                      Soft Oats
2 Tsp                                        Nicely chopped Onion
1 Tsp                                        Nicely chopped Garlic
1/2 Tsp                                     Salt
1/4 Tsp                                     Butter

For Seasoning :
small quantity of nicely chopped spring onions
Required amount of Pepper Powder

Method :
Take butter in a microwave safe bowl.
Microwave for 5 second at HIGH.
Then add onions and microwave for 15 seconds.
microwave onions till it becomes transparent and gives out nice aroma.
Transfer into a small bowl and keep aside.
In the same bowl add garlic and microwave till it becomes golden brown color.
Now take a vessel with one cup of water.
Heat the water till small bubbles form at the bottom of the vessel.
Now add microwaved onions and oats.
When oats is three fourths done, add palak and coriander leaves.

Cook till the leaves become soft and then add mushroom pieces.
Do not over cook green leaves. Try to retain its green color.
Stir well and cook for 2 minutes.
Switch off the stove when mushrooms are cooked soft.
Now add salt.

Serve hot after seasoning the soup with spring onions, microwaved garlic and pepper powder.

Mushroom Palak Soup

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