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Varagu Arisi Thiruvaadhirai Kali

#KodoMilletThiruvaadhiraiKali - #வரகுஅரிசிதிருவாதிரைகளி
This sweet is prepared only for Aarudra Dharisanam which is also known as thiruvaadhirai festival. It is celebrated on full moon day of Tamil month Margazhi ( December - January ). This festival is celebrated before Pongal festival. My mother used to tell me that we have to pray Lord Shiva on this day by offering this kali ( pudding ) and sweet rice roti. If by chance we couldn't celebrate Aarudra Darisanam, then it has to be done on Bogi festival day, one day just before Pongal.

Kali ( pudding ) is thicker version of koozh ( porridge ) usually prepared with broken rice and green gram dhal. My mother used to prepare using a heavy bottomed vessel. Sometimes it comes out very well and sometimes not so good. It is a dish prepared with rice, green gram dhal and jaggery. The consistency of jaggery syrup is very important to make a proper kali. After so many failed attempts she found out a method to make thiruvaadhirai kali using pressure cooker. Here I prepared this dish with varagu instead of rice. It also came out nicely and the taste was very very good. Let us see the method of preparation now.

Varagarisi Thiruvathirai Kali [ Kodo millet Thiruvathirai Kali ]

Ingredients :

Varagarisi [ Kodo milet ]

1/2 Cup                                  Varagu ( kodo millet )
1 Tbsp                                    Green gram dhal
1/2 Cup                                  Coconut Scrap
1/2 Cup                                  Jaggery
3                                            Cardamom
1 Pinch                                   Salt
2 Tsp                                      Ghee

Method :
Dry roast varagarisi on slow flame.
When rice changes from its original color to bright white color, transfer into a vessel.
Wash and remove any stone or sand particles from varagu.
Drain water and keep aside.

Then dry roast green gram dhal until it turns golden color.
Coarsely grind using a mixer grinder.

Take jaggery in a vessel. Add 1/2 Cup of water and keep on medium flame.
Stir well with a ladle to dissolve completely in water.
Turn off the stove when jaggery is dissolved in water.
Strain through a tea filter to remove small stones, sand particles and impurities present in jaggery.

Take washed varagu, coarsely ground green gram dhal, coconut scrap, salt and cardamom powder in a cooker.
It is required to add one and a half cup of liquid to cook.
For that take the prepared jaggery mixed water and add water to make it 1 1/2 cup.

Close and put on weight. Cook for 3 whistles and 5 minutes at SIM.
Open cooker after the steam completely subsides.

Varagarisi Thiruvathirai Kali [ Kodo millet Thiruvathirai Kali ]

Now add ghee and mix well with a ladle.

Varagarisi Thiruvathirai Kali [ Kodo millet Thiruvathirai Kali ]

Tasty yummy thiruvaadhirai kali is ready!

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