Friday, December 6, 2013

Thinai Paal Payasam

#ThinaiPaalPayasam  #FoxtailMilletPayasam : I have already posted a recipe to prepare payasam with thinai. Today I tried payasam with milk and sugar which was very very tasty with nice texture and aroma. #Thinai is called #foxtailmillet in English. #Millet are rich source of vitamins and minerals. So it is advisable to include thinai in some form in our daily diet. Let me present here the method of preparing  payasam with thinai and milk.
Here comes the recipe.

Thinai Paal Payasam 2 [ Foxtail millet Payasam 2 ]

Ingredients :
1 Tbsp                                     Thinai
1 pinch                                     Salt
3/4 Cup                                    Milk
1 Tbsp                                      Sugar ( adjust )
1/4 Tsp                                    Cardamom powder 

Method :
Wash and soak thinai grains for 4 to 5 hrs.
Grind using a mixer grinder by adding water.

Take milk in a vessel.
Transfer ground thinai into the milk.
Keep on a slow flame and cook.

Keep stirring as it tends to stick to the bottom.
The thinai mixed milk becomes shiny and comes to porridge consistency.
Add sugar and salt.
Keep on stirring and switch off the stove when the payasam is shiny and thick.
Add cardamom powder.
Garnish with almond shavings and roasted cashews.

 Transfer into a serving bowl and enjoy after a good meal.

Thinai Paal Payasam 2 [ Foxtail millet Payasam 2 ]

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