Tuesday, June 26, 2018


#KolluAraithuvittaKuzhambu : #Horsegram is known as #Kollu in Thamizh. Usually I prepare #Kollu #sundal ( #Kollu #stirfry ) from sprouted #Kollu and #Rasam from the water used for cooking #kollu. Once I didn't have any vegetable suitable to prepare sambar at home. But I had sprouted kollu in my fridge. So I thought of making sambar in araithuvitta kuzhambu style using sprouted #Kollu ( #HorseGram ). The kuzhambu thus prepared turned out very good and was tasty with rice and also as an accompaniment to Idli and dosai. This way I learned one more tasty n healthy dish from #kollu.
So here I am to share the preparation with you all.

Kollu Araithuvitta Kuzhambu [ Horsegram Kuzhambu ]

Ingredients :
1/2 CupKollu ( Horsegram ) soaked or sprouted
1 medium sizeOnion, slice thinly
1 medium sizeTomato, chop nicely
10 - 12Curry leaves
1/2 TspRed chilly powder [ optional ]
1/8 TspTurmeric powder
1/2 TspMustard seed
1 TspBlack gram split [ urad dhal ]
5 - 6 TspGroundnut or Gingelly oil
1 1/2 TspSalt [ adjust ]
Ingredients to grind :
2 TbspCoconut grated
3 to 4Red chilly [ adjust ]
1/2 TspCoriander seed
1/4 TspGram dhal [ kadalai paruppu ]
1/4 TspCumin seed
1/4 TspBlack pepper
6 to 8Small Onion
1 small size CupTomato
Steps to do before preparation :
8 to 10 hoursSoak kollu after washing thouroughly
8 to 10 hoursdrain water from soaking kollu and keep it closed to get sprouts

Method :
Heat a kadai with 1/2 tsp of oil on a stove over medium heat.
Add red chilly and coriander seeds and keep stirring with a ladle.
When the coriander seeds gives out nice aroma, add gram dhal [ kadalai paruppu ].
Add black pepper and cumin once gram dhal turns golden brown.
Then add immediately grated coconut and stir for a few seconds.
Transfer into a bowl.

Meanwhile take 1/2 cup of water and 1/4 Tsp of salt in a pressure cooker.
Add soaked #Kollu [ or sprouted kollu ] and close the lid with weight on.
Cook on high fire on another burner of the stove for 5 whistles.
Open the cooker only after it runs out of steam.

Now in the same kadai, add 1/2 Tsp of oil and saute small onions.
Transfer into a bowl once it becomes tender.

Again add 1/2 Tsp of oil in the same kadai and saute chopped tomato till it becomes tender.
Transfer into a bowl.
Let all the roasted and sauteed ingredients come to normal temperature.
Then grind into a smooth paste in a mixie or blender.
Transfer the paste into a bowl.
Wash the mixie jar or blender container with some water and save the water in another bowl.

Heat a clean and dry kadai with 3 tsp of oil over medium fire on a stove.
Once oil becomes hot crackle mustard seeds and then put black gram split [ urad dhal ].
Add sliced onion after dhal turns golden color.
Saute till onion turns translucent.
Now add nicely chopped tomato and saute well.
Add red chilly powder and turmeric powder.
Stir once and then add cooked kollu with water.
Now add the prepared paste, salt and mix well.
Add the washed water to dilute the kuzhambu to required consistency.
Allow to boil till oil starts floating on the surface of the kuzhambu.
Finally add curry leaves and turn off the stove.
Transfer into a serving bowl.

Healthy and spicy #KolluAraithuvittaKuzhambu ready to taste.
Enjoy with hot white rice or along with dosai or idli.

Kollu Araithuvitta Kuzhambu [ Horsegram Kuzhambu ]

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Monday, May 28, 2018


#ArisiRoti #Akkiroti : The dish #akkiroti is one of the favorite tiffin items of Karnataka. It is done with rice flour and dill leaves. The dill leaves ( fennel plant ) give a distinct flavour to #roti. If dill is not available coriander leaves can be used. The prepared dough has to be spread by hand. Usually for other roti dough is spread on a plantain leaf by hand and then transferred on to a hot tawa. But akki roti dough tends to break while transferring. So dough is spread on tawa itself and then cooked on medium flame. It is advisable to have two or three tawa to prepare akki roti. Some years back I have posted akki roti recipe prepared from cooked rice and rice flour.

Akki Roti [ Arisi roti ]

Ingrdients :
1 cupRice Flour
1/2 TspCumin
1/2 cupDill leaves ( nicely chopped )
3/4 TspBlack pepper powder
1 TspGreen chilly nicely chopped ( optional )
1 TspSalt ( adjust )
Oil to make roti on tawa [ dosai kal ]

Method :
Take all the ingredients in a wide mouthed vessel and mix well.
Add quarter cup of water and mix well.
Add some more water if needed and make a dough slightly flexible.
The dough shoudn't be as tight as chappathy dough.
Take a tawa ( dosai kal ) smear oil.
Keep a big ball of dough over tawa and slowly spread using hand.
Now heat the tawa on a medium flame.
Flip and cook other side.
The roti should be white in color and with some gold spots here and there.
Transfer on to a plate.
Enjoy with kadalai chutnycoconut chutny, tomato sauce and also with tomato chutny.

Akki Roti [ Arisi roti ]

Note : Grated carrot and nicely chopped coriander leaves can also be used along with dill.

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Monday, February 5, 2018


#VenthayaKeeraiPodiDosai #FenugreekLeafPodiDosai : #FenugreekLeaf is called #Venthayakeerai in Thamizh. It is called #MethiBaaji in Hindi. It is slightly bitter in taste and can be consumed raw in salads and also used in the preparation of #Koottu, Chappathy, etc.,...
We can also make tasty n spicy dosai with #Venthayakeerai. The dosai can be made by spreading nicely chopped #FenugreekLeaves over #DosaiMaavu or the leaves can be mixed with Dosai Maavu as done in Spinach Dosai. The main purpose is to include the nutritious #Greens in our daily menu. The #venthayaKeeraiPodi Dosai is slightly bitter in taste but tasty n yummy and healthy too.

Venthaya keerai podi dosai [ fenugreek leaf podi dosai ]

Ingredients :

Dosai Batter
Idly Batter

Take any powder of your choice :

Idly Milagai Podi - Idly Chilly Powder
Idly Chilly Powder with Flax
Flax Powder for Rice

1 Cup                              : washed and nicely chopped #VenthayaKeerai [ #FenugreekLeaf ]

Oil to make Dosai preferrably Gingelly oil [ till / sesame oil ]

Method :
  • Heat a tawa over medium flame.
  • Spread 2 drops of oil using a clean and dry muslin cloth.
  • Put dosai batter at the center of the tawa and spread the maavu [ batter ] evenly with the back of a flat ladle.
  • Evenly spread chopped keerai over the Dosai.
  • Now spread two spoons of Idly Milagai Podi - Idly Chilly Powder.
  • Then apply one spoon of oil over the dosai. Use plenty of oil for this dosai.
  • When the rim of the dosai becomes golden color flip the dosai using a dosai ladle.
  • Allow it to cook well on the other side.
  • Transfer on to a plate after its done.
  • In the same way make dosai one by one.

Relish this spicy podi dosai when its hot.
No need of any Chutney. If you wish can have it with Pudhina chutney or Coconut chutney.

If it is to be packed for lunch box allow it to cool down. Then pack in a dry tiffin box or roll it in a foil.

[ Note : If #VenthayaKeerai [ #FenugreekLeaves ] has been mixed with #DosaiMaavu [ #DosaiBatter ] as shown in the Spinach Dosai recipe then after spreading dosai maavu over the tawa sprinkle podi on the dosai ]

Venthaya keerai podi dosai [ fenugreek leaf podi dosai ]

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