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#PirandaiThuvaiyal : #Pirandai [ #பிரண்டை ] is a wild creeper generally seen over the garden fence. It is called Adament creeper / Devils' back bone / Veldt Grape in English. This creeper is used in the preparation of urad pappad. It has many medicinal properties. It helps in treating indigestion, sprains and fractures. It is also a best worming medicine and treats piles.
It has to be cooked well as it is itchy in nature. Here tender part of the creeper has been selected to prepare a tasty #thuvaiyal [ #chutney ].
First wash selected pirandai in water. Break at the nodes to remove the strong fiber over the edges.
The fiber at the sharp edges has to be removed just like the same way as we do with ridge gourd.

Pirandai thuvaiyal

Ingredients :
A handfulPirandai cleaned
2 - 3Red chilly
1 TspBlack gram
1 TspGram dhal
3 TspPeanut [ groundnut ]
1/2 TspFlax seed
1 TspGinger chopped [ optional ]
4 -5Black pepper corns
1/4 TspCoriander seeds
2 TspLemon juice [ adjust ]
1 TspSalt [ adjust ]
2 TspGingelly oil [ till / sesame oil ]

Method :
Heat a kadai with one teaspoon of oil on a stove over slow fire.
Fry red chilly, black gram, gram dhal and peanuts till dhal becomes golden color.
Then add flax seeds and coriander seeds.
Keep stirring till flax seeds start crackling.
Finally add pepper and transfer into a mixie jar.
Heat the same kadai with little oil and saute cleaned pirandai pieces.
It has to be sauteed well till its color changes and well cooked.
Transfer into the jar.
Grind into a smooth paste adding lemon juice, salt and little water.
Finally check the salt and transfer into a serving bowl.

Pirandai thuvaiyal goes well with Pongal, Sundal and Upma.
It can also be mixed with hot white rice adding a dash of gingelly oil and relished with sambar.

Pirandai thuvaiyal

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