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#Upma is a traditional dish of Tamil Nadu, India. It is commonly prepared for breakfast/dinner from broken rice and served with Coconut chutney. Upma can also be prepared using millet, rawa [ sooji ], semiya [ vermicelli ]. Traditionally rice upma is served with fresh coconut scrapings.

#Sundal : This is also our traditional dish prepared from roasted rice and green gram dhal. The recipe is similar to that of Rice upma but the texture is different. After cooking, the grains are well separated  just like #sundal [ stir fried legumes ]. This might be the reason that this dish got the name #RiceSundal. The roasted green gram dhal gives a nice flavor to the tiffin.
It is a well balanced food as rice gives carbohydrate and green gram dhal gives protein. The tiffan sundal can also be prepared from millet.
Just like rice upma, rice sundal is also served with fresh coconut scraping.

Upma Varieties

Rice Upma Buckwheat Rice Upma Rawa Upma
Broken wheat Upma Semiya [ vermicelli ] Upma Aval Upma without onion
Aval Upma Lemon Aval Upma Lemon Aval Upma
Varagarisi [ kodo millet ] Upma kuthiraivaali [ barnyard millet ] Upma Samai [ little millet ] Upma
Thinai [ foxtail millet ] Upma Beetroot vazhaithandu Aval Upma [ beetroot banana stem beaten rice upma ]

Sundal Varieties

Rice Sundal Puli Rice Sundal Varagarisi [ kodo millet ] Sundal
Kuthiraivaali [ barnyard millet ] Sundal

Coconut chutney is a great accompaniment for upma and sundal. But other chutney also goes well with these tiffins

Chutney varieties

Note :
Rawa upma and broken wheat upma can be relished with sugar.
Rice upma tastes good with jaggery.
Rice sundal can be relished with freshly scrapped coconut and sugar.

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