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Varagarisi Pudhina Briyani - Kodo Millet Mint Briyani

#VaragarisiPudhinaBriyani  #KodoMilletMintBriyani : #Varagarisi is known as #KodoMillet in English.
Millets are small seeded grass that grow well in dry areas as rain fed crops.
Varagarisi - Varagu - Kodo Millet looks like sego and can be cooked like rice.

Varagu or Varagarisi [ Kodo Millet ]

I have prepared Upma, Sundal, Pongal and Payasam using this millet. Now let me present the method of preparing Pudhina Briyani with Kodo millet [ Varagarisi ].

Varagarisi Pudhina Briyani [ Kodo Millet Mint Briyani ]

Ingredients :
1/2 cup                                         Varagarisi
1                                                   Onion, sliced
2                                                  Green Chilly, split lengthwise
1                                                  Carrot, chopped
8 cloves                                        Garlic
1/2 inch                                        Ginger
1 cup                                            Mint leaves [ Pudhina leaves ]
1/4 cup                                         Coriander leaves chopped
2                                                  Brinji leaves
1 Tsp                                           Cumin
1/2 Tsp                                        Fennel
2                                                  Cardamom
4                                                  Clove
1 inch long                                    Cinnamon
4 Tsp                                           Oil
1 Tsp                                           Salt
1/2 cup                                         Milk
1/2 cup                                        Water

For Thayir pachadi :
inside of banana flower [ vazhaipoo ], chop nicely
1 small size                      Onion. chop nicely
2 Tsp                              Carrot grated
1/2                                  Tomato, chop nicely
1 Tsp                              Coriander leaves chopped
1/4 Tsp                           Salt
1/2 cup                           Curd
1/4 cup                           Water [ optional ]
4                                    Curry leaves chopped

Method :
Grind ginger and garlic in a blender into a nice paste.
Wash and remove stones from kodo millet.
Soak in water.
Heat a pressure cooker on a stove over a medium flame with oil.
Splutter cumin, fennel, cardamom and cloves.
Then add brinji leaves and cinnamon stick.
Then add green chilly and onion.
Saute till onion slightly turns to golden color.
Then add ginger garlic paste.
Saute till its raw taste goes off.
Now add carrot and saute or few seconds.
Drain water completely from soaked kodo millet.
Keep the burner at HIGH and add soaked kodo millet.
Keep stirring until the grains become bright white.

Finally add chopped mint leaves and coriander leaves.
Saute for few seconds and then add salt, water and milk.

Mix well and close the lid with weight on.

Pressure cook for 1 whistle and 5 minutes at SIM.

Combine all the ingredients in a bowl and mix well.

Vazhaipoo Thayir Pachadi [ Banana flower curd salad ]

Open the cooker only after the steam has completely subsided.

Varagarisi Pudhina Briyani [ Kodo Millet Mint Briyani ]

Mix well with a fork or ladle gently.
Garnish with coriander leaves.

Varagarisi Pudhina Briyani [ Kodo Millet Mint Briyani ]

Serve hot with Vazhaippo Thayir Pachdi

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