Tuesday, December 3, 2013


#Shrikand : Last time when I went to Mumbai I had a chance to relish a Gujarath thali in a famous restaurant. In the end the waiter asked whether I would like to have Ice cream or Shrikhand. I opted for Shrikhand. I used to take curd with sugar and rose essence mixture after lunch at home. That Shrikahand had the same taste but the texture was just like an ice cream. I learned that it is made with hung curd. So I decided to try it out. Let us see how I prepared.


Ingredients :
Curd                                      : 1/2 Cup
Rose Essence                         : 1 drop
Sugar Powder                        : 1 Tbsp
Saffron strands                       : 4 to 6

To Decorate :
Pineapple pieces and Pomegranate.

Method :
Strain fresh curd through a tea filter or muslin cloth.
Keep inside the fridge to avoid becoming sour.
Allow to completely drain out excess water.

Then take out the hung curd and transfer into a small cup.
Add rose essence, saffron strands and sugar.
Mix well with a spoon and decorate with pineapple pieces and pomegranate pearls.


Enjoy after a good meal.

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