Monday, July 8, 2013

Palada Payasam

When we were living in Bangalore my dear daughter tasted palada payasam in one of her friends house.
She got the recipe from her mother. She told that ada is necessary to make the payasam. Ada is dried rice flakes. On our next outing, we went to a supermarket and bought ready made ada. I prepared it as told by her. It came out well. But it takes time to  get required consistency.
The ingredients given here is just enough to make 1 cup of payasam.

I made this payasam using induction stove.

Ingredients :
ada                                   : 1tblsp

milk                                  : 2 cups
sugar                                : 1 tblsp ( adjust )
cardamom powder           : 1 pinch
almond shavings                : 2 tsp
milkmaid                           : 2 tsp ( optional )

Method :

Take milk in a flat bottomed stailess steel vessel.
Set temperature setting to 800.
Milk started boiling in 2 minutes.
Now reduce temperature to 120.
Wash ada in water well add into the milk.

Keep stirring at regular intervals, otherwise ada get stuck to the bottom of the vessel.
Let it simmer till the milk reduced to half of original quantity.
Then add sugar and stir well to dissolve completely.
Let it simmer for 5 more minutes.

Finally add cardamom powder and switch off the stove.
Transfer into a serving bowl.
Garnish with almond shavings.

Add 2 tsp of milkmaid to get rich taste.
Hot or cold the payasam tastes yummy!!!

Enjoy after a good meal!!!