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Parangikkai Pinju Koottu - Tender Yellow Pumpkin Lentil

#ParangikkaiPinjuKoottu #TenderYellowPumpkinLentil : Some vegetables are suitable only for preparing koottu - lentil. Bottle gourd, tender yellow pumpin, chow chow are some example. Tender yellow pumpkin is called parangikkai pinju or shortly parangi pinju.
Parangi pinju is more watery and doesn't taste good in sambar.
If koottu is done with green gram dhal and coconut masala then the taste is very good.
Parangi pinju is slightly sweet in taste that gives a different taste to koottu.
Now let me present the method of preparation.

Parangikkai Pinju Koottu [ Tender Yellow Pumpkin Lentil ]

Ingredients :

Parangikkai Pinju [ Tender Yellow Pumpkin ]

Parangi pinju diced                       : 1 cup
[ tender yellow pumpkin ]
sambar powder                            : 1/2 tsp ( adjust )
Turmeric powder                          : a pinch
Green gram dhal                           : 1/8 cup
Onion thinly chopped                    : 2 tblsp

For tempering :
Vengaya vadagam                         : 1/2 tsp ( can add more )
Oil to fry vengaya vadagam           : 1/2 tsp

For garnishing :
Coriander leaves nicely chopped   : 1tsp

Ingredients for masala/paste
Coconut scrap                              : 3 tsp ( can add more also )
Cumin seeds                                 : 2 pinches
Rice flour                                      : 2 pinches
Grind all the ingredients using a mixer grinder into a smooth paste and keep aside.

Method :
Slice a portion of parangikkai and scoop out the seeds at the centre.
Dice parangipinju [ yellow pumpkin ] into 1/2 inch cubes with skin.

Pressure cook ( 3 whistles and 3 mins at SIM ) green gram dhal with a pinch of turmeric and 1/2 cup of water.
Open cooker after the steam subsides completely.
Add onion, parangipinju, turmeric powder,  sambar powder and salt.
Close the cooker with weight on.
Pressure cook for one whistle.
Immediately release steam and open cooker.
Now add prepared coconut paste and mix well.

Allow to simmer for 3 to 4 minutes.
Transfer into a serving bowl.

Parangikkai Pinju Koottu [ Tender Yellow Pumpkin Lentil ]

Temper vengaya vadagam and add to koottu.
Garnish with coriander leaves.

Note :
Koottu can be prepared without pressure cooking also.
In a vessel add 1/2 cup of water and then add diced onion, yellow pumpkin with Sambar Powder, turmeric powder and salt. Close with a lid till the vegetable become soft. Then add dhal and coconut paste.

Goes well with sambar rice, sambar mixed with white rice and rasam rice.
Even tastes good with white rice.

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