Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Idiyappam - Paal Idiyappam

#PaalIdiyappam [ #Idiyappam in milk ] : AppamIdiyappam, both are generally served with coconut milk only in my home. The lemon idiyappam and other mixed idiyappam varieties are recent creations only. The coconut milk is extracted from coconut scrap adding lukewarm water. Idiyappam is served on a plate or over plantain leaf and then coconut milk is poured over it. This is the best way to relish tasty idiyappam.
Here let me present the best way to relish idiyappam with milk and coconut milk.

idiyappam with coconut milk

Method :
Prepare Idiyappam following the method of preparation given.

If you are in a hurry or do not want to take coconut milk then take regular cow/pocket milk.
Boil milk and keep aside.
Keep ready cardamom powder.
Take Idiyappam in a bowl and add cardamom powder & sugar [ optional ].
Relish Idiyappam this way when it is still hot.

But the real taste is only when you take Idiyappam with coconut milk.
Take 1/2 cup of coconut scrap in a mixie jar.
Run just for a second without adding water.
Then add lukewarm water and again just run for a second.
Squeeze out milk through the hand into a container.
Again take the squeezed coconut scrap in the mixie jar and run for a second with lukewarm water.
This way extract milk from coconut three times.
Throw away the remaining coconut scrap after squeezing out milk completely.
Add a pinch of salt and cardamom powder to the milk.
Now relish idiyappam just like the same as with cow/pocket milk.

To make it sweet add jaggerry to the coconut milk and mix well.
Now liberally pour sweet coconut milk over the Idiyappam and enjoy!!

idiyappam in milk
idiyappam with coconut milk
idiyappam with sweet coconut milk

Try once with coconut milk then you will not go for any other idiyappam variety!!!

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