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#VallaraiThaengaiChutney  #CentellaCoconutChutney : #Vallarai [ வல்லாரை ] is commonly known as #centella or gotu kola.
The scientific name is Centella asiatica. It is also known as Asiatic pennywort or Indian pennywort.
It is a creeper and grows on the land near water bodies. It has bunch of leaves connected to another bunch of leaves. The creeper is interconnected with one another and runs along the soil. Each leaf has long stem.
The leaves are said to be good for improving memory and how far this is true we don't know!! Whether its really helpful or not, there is nothing harm in including #vallarai in our diet regularly.
Tasty chutney can be prepared using these leaves.
Here is a method of preparing #chutney using vallarai with coconut.

Vallarai Thaengai Chutney [ Centella Coconut Chutney ]

Ingredients :
20Vallarai leaves
1/3 CupCoconut scrapings
2 TspBlack gram dhal with skin
2 or 3Red chilly
1 TspLemon juice [ adjust ]
1/2 TspGingelly oil [ Til/sesame oil ]
3/4 TspSalt [ adjust ]
To Temper :
1/2 TspMustard seeds
1 TspBlack gram split
1 TspGingelly oil [ Til/sesame oil ]
Method :
Heat a kadai on a stove over medium heat.
Add 1/2 Tsp of oil and fry red chilly until it turns dark red in color.
Transfer on to a clean and dry plate.
Then fry black gram until it changes to golden color.
Transfer on to the same plate.
Now turn off the stove and saute washed vallarai leaves for half a minute.
Then transfer on to the same plate.
Allow them to cool down to room temperature.

Take all the other given ingredients along with fried ones in a mixer grinder jar.
Grind with out adding water.
Then add little water and grind into a smooth paste.
Adjust salt and lemon juice.
Transfer into a serving bowl.
Temper mustard seeds and split black gram in a tsp of hot oil and pour over the prepared chutney.

Vallarai [ centella or gotu kola ]
Vallarai Thaengai Chutney [ Centella Coconut Chutney ]
Vallarai Thaengai Chutney [ Centella Coconut Chutney ] Vallarai Thaengai Chutney [ Centella Coconut Chutney ]
Vallarai thaengai chutney goes well with dosai.
It can also be relished with pongal, upma and kuzhi paniyaram.
This chutney can also be mixed with hot rice adding a tea spoon of gingelly oil and enjoyed with sambar.

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