Sunday, November 24, 2013

Varagarisi Puliyodharai

#VaragarisPuliyodharai  #KodoMilletTamarindRice : #Varagarisi -  #KodoMillet can also be used just like normal rice to prepare various mixed rices.

Varagu or Varagarisi [ Kodo Millet ]

Today I tried puliyodharai with varagarisi sadam. It came out very well. Only the shape of the grain is like javvarisi ( sego - sabhudana ) but tastes like rice only. I feel varagarisi sadam is even more tastier than normal rice.

Varagarisi Puliyodharai [ Kodo Millet Tamarind Rice ]

Ingredients :
Varagarisi                                      : 1/2 Cup
Water                                            : 1 Cup
Pulikachal                                     : 2 Tsp ( adjust )
Salt                                               : 1/2 Tsp ( adjust )
Red chilly powder                          : 1/4 Tsp ( if needed )
Gingelly oil                                     : 3 Tsp

Gram dhal                                      : 1/2 Tsp
Pea nuts                                         : 2 Tsp
Curry leaves                                   : 10

Method :
Varagarisi usually have small stones and sand mixed with it.
So clean thoroughly before cooking.
Pressure cook for three whistles and cook five minutes on slow flame.
Take out after steam completely subsides.
Transfer into a wide mouthed basin and add two teaspoon of oil.
Spread out with a spoon without mashing the rice.
Keep under a fan.

When the rice cooled down add pulikachal, salt and red chilly powder.
Mix well.
Fry gram dhal and ground nut to golden color. Then add curry leaves and fry for a few seconds.
Transfer on to the prepared mixed rice.

Varagarisi Puliyodharai [ Kodo Millet Tamarind Rice ]

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