Friday, November 15, 2013

Vilampazham Peerkangkai Chutney

#VilampazhamPeerkangkaiChutney : #Vilampazham is called #woodapple in English. It has hard outer shell and pulp inside. The taste of the pulp is tangy n sweet. Last time when I opened a wood apple the pulp inside was very tangy. So I made many trials with it. One such successful outcome is this chutney.

Vilampazham Peerkangkai Chutney

Ingredients :

Vilampazham pulp                                 : 2 Tsp ( Adjust )
Peerkangai skin                                     : 1/2 cup
Coconut scrap                                       : 3 Tsp heaped
Red chill                                                 : 2 ( Adjust )
Urad Dhal                                              : 2 Tsp
Ginger                                                    : a small piece ( Optional )
Asafoetida                                              : small piece
Salt                                                         : 1/2 Tsp ( Adjust )
Oil                                                          : 2 Tsp

Method :
Take a tsp of oil in a kadai and keep on a slow/medium flame.
First fry red chilly and asafoetida. Transfer to a plate.
Then fry urad dhal till golden color.
Now saute ginger till it gives out aroma.
Transfer to the plate.
Now saute peerkangai peels and if needed add oil.
Close and cook till the peels are soft.
Allow the ingredients to come to room temperature.
Take all the ingredients and grind well.

Now chutney is ready. Transfer into a serving bowl.

This chutney can be mixed with white rice and sambar as side dish.
It is also an excellent side dish for Idly, Dosai and Pongal.

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