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#PulikachalIdiyappam or we can call #PuliIdiyappam [ #PuliRiceNoodles ] : This is a spicy mixed #Idiyappam prepared by mixing plain #idiyappam with #Pulikachal.
 Idiyappam is very easy to prepare at home. It only requires little care to prepare the dough for Idiyappam and takes very less time to steam cook them [ of course less than the time taken to steam cook idli ]. The steam cooked #ricenoodles [ Idiyappam ] can be stored in a bowl and can be relished with kadalai curry, kurma, or preparing lemon idiyappam, puli Idiyappam, etc.,...
To make mixed idiyappam, the plain idiyappam has to be cooled down to room temperature just the same way we do for mixed rice.
But the plain idiyappam would become dry if it is kept under the fan to cool down. So it needs some time to cool down on its own.
First the idiyappam is prepared and stored in a wide mouthed vessel or basin shaped vessel. Then the mixture for lemon idiyappam or puli idiyappam has to be prepared. Then divide the plain rice noodles to make different mixed idiyappams.
The mixture is added to the plain idiyappam along with gingelly oil. Then mixed well with hand without giving pressure to get mixed idiyappam.
Prepare Idiyappam following the recipe given in my earlier post and also Pulikachal.
Here comes the way to prepare #PuliIdiyappam [ #PuliRiceNoodles ].

Ingredients :
2 or 3 batchesIdiyappam
4 TspGingelly Oil [ Till/sesame oil ]
2 or 3 TbspPulikachal [ adjust ]
1/4 TspRed chilly powder [ adjust ]
1 TspSalt [ adjust ]
To Temper :
1/2 TspMustard seeds
1/8 TspFenugreek seeds [ optional ]
1 TspBlack gram split [ urad dhall ]
2 TspBengal gram [ channa dhall ]
4 TspPeanut [ Ground nut ]
10 - 15Curry leaves

Method :
Take 2 or 3 batches steam cooked idiyappam in a wide mouthed vessel.
Pour 2 Tsp of gingelly oil over the idiyappam and gently roll over to spread all over the idiyappam.
Keep aside.

keep a kadai on slow flame and add 2 Tsp of oil.
When oil becomes hot splutter mustard seeds and then add urad dhall, bengal gram, fenugreek and ground nuts in the order.
Fry well till golden color and then add torn pieces of curry leaves.

Then switch off the stove and transfer over the plain idiyappam.
Add Pulikachal, red chilly powder [ optional ] and salt.
Gently mix the Pulikachal with idiyappam by hand.
If you feel the idiyappam keeps sticking to the hand then add one more teaspoon of gingelly oil.
Adjust salt and red chilly powder.
Now spicy and tangy Puli idiyappam is ready to enjoy!!
Usually spicy mixed idiyappam varieties are served along with sweet ones for breakfast/dinner.

Note :
For packed lunch : The lemon idiyappam should be prepared little bit more salty and spicy so that it will taste good at the time of eating.
The excess salt and spice will be absorbed by the idiyappam as the time passes.

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