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#Idiyappam  #RiceNoodles #Sevai #Ricesevai : Traditionally #Idiyappam  is prepared from rice. It is also known by name #RiceSevai. We can call it #RiceNoodles in modern term.
We don't have to take rice to flour mill to grind the rice. Nowadays rice flour is readily available in local shops and also in super markets.  Idiyappam is very easy to prepare at home. It only requires little care to prepare the dough for Idiyappam and takes very less time to steam cook them [ of course less than the time taken to steam cook idli ]. The steam cooked #ricenoodles [ Idiyappam ] can be stored in a bowl and can be relished with kadalai curry, kurma, or preparing lemon idiyappam, puli Idiyappam, etc.,...
To make mixed idiyappam, the plain idiyappam has to be cooled down to room temperature just the same way we do for mixed rice.
Here links are given to Idiyappam varieties.

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Idiyappam/Rice Noodles/Sevai
Idiyappam [ Rice noodles ]
Idiyappam [ Rice noodles ]
Instant Lemon Idiyappam
Instant Lemon Idiyappam
Lemon Idiyappam
Lemon Idiyappam
Sweet Idiyappam
Sweet Idiyappam with sugar
Pulikachal  Idiyappam
Pulikachal  Idiyappam
Paal  Idiyappam
Paal Idiyappam

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