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#Rasagulla : Rasagulla is the most popular sweet of West Bengal, India. It is prepared using Indian cheese.
I learned this sweet from a Bengali friend some 20 years back when we were living in Bangalore. It is very easy and requires very little effort to make.
Here comes the method.


Ingredients :
1 litre                                    Milk
2 - 3 Tbsp                            Vinegar [ or lemon juice ]
1/2 Tsp                                 Rawa [ sooji ]

For Sugar syrup :
1 1/2 cup                              Sugar
3 1/2 cup                              Water

Method :
To make paneer - Indian cheese :
Boil milk in a wide mouthed vessel.
Turn off stove when the milk starts boiling and rises up.
Wait for 5 minutes and then add a tbsp of vinegar/lemon juice.
Mix well and the milk would start curdling.

Now again add 1/2 tbsp of vinegar/lemon juice.
Milk would have curdled fully and separated into paneer and water.
This water is called whey.
The whey water color should change to light greenish yellow.
If needed add little more vinegar.

Mix well and allow to stand for 5 minutes.
Then strain through a clean cloth and hang over a sink to drain the whey completely.

It takes around two hours to drain out the water content completely.
Now paneer is ready.

Method of preparing cheese balls :
Then transfer paneer/cheese into a plate. First crumble with fingers.
Then press with palm and knead well to get a smooth dough.
Add rawa and knead again.

Make balls giving slight pressure between palms.

The balls should be rolled without any crack.

Method of making Rasagulla :

Boil 3 1/2 cup of water in a pressure cooker on high flame.
Add sugar and dissolve completely.
When the sugar syrup starts boiling add the cheese balls.

Close the lid with weight on.

After a whistle reduce the flame to SIM and cook 7 minutes.
Turn off the stove and keep the pressure cooker under running water to release the steam.
Open the lid. Each ball would have doubled in size and cooked well in sugar syrup.


mm.... yummy Rasagulla is ready!!..

Enjoy juicy syrupy rasagulla after lunch or dinner.


Note :
It has to be consumed on the same day.

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