Friday, November 16, 2012

Koottu - gravy with coconut masala

Koottu is vegetable or greens( keerai ) gravy prepared with dhal and coconut masala (paste) which is bland in taste.
Its prepared for full meals as side dish.
Koottu is generally prepared with green gram dhal.
But thuvar dhal can also be used which gives a different taste.
Some of the vegetables used for koottu are 
bottle gourd,
pumpkin white,
tender pumpkin red (orange),
Pumpkin  White
chow chow ( bangalore brinjal ),
Some of the best combination of vegetables for koottu are
brinjal and drumstick
brinjal and avaraikai
brinjal and peerkangkai(ridge gourd)
brinjal, drumstick and jackfruit seed (palaakkottai)
brinjal, avaraikkai, and drumstick
brinjal, peerkangkai, and drumstick and also palaakkottai
vazhaippoo and murungaikeerai ( drumstick leaves)
Some of the greens for koottu are
mulai keerai,
arai keerai,
manathakkaali keerai,
paruppu keerai
pasalai (spinach )
venthaya keerai

slice cut from yellow pumpkin
Venthaya keerai - Methi

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