Friday, November 16, 2012

Peerkangkai Thuvaiyal - Ridge Gourd Chutny

#PeerkangkaiThuvaiyal  #RidgegourdChutney : This is done either  with peerkangkai peels or using whole peerkangkai. The sweetness of the vegetable gives a very distinct taste to the #chutney.

Peerkangkai thuvaiyal [ ridgegourd chutney ]

Ingredients :
1/2 cupPeerkangkai skin [ ridgegourd peels ]
1/2 cupPeerkangkai [ ridgegourd ] slices
3 - 4 TspCoconut scraping
1 1/2 TspBlack gram
1/4 TspCoriander seeds
2 or 3Red chilly
small pieceasafoetida
1 or 2 TspGinger julians [ optional ]
small marble sizeTamarind
1/2 TspSalt
2 TspOil
Method :
Wash the Peerkangkai well and remove the skin.
{ Use the skin to make thuvaiyal and the peeled vegetable to make sambar or koottu. }

Keep a kadai on a stove with a tsp of oil.
After oil becomes hot add red chilly, black gram, asafoetida and fry well till the dhal turns into golden brown. Then transfer into a plate or tray.
Now add a tsp of oil.
Add the ginger julians, peerkangkai slices and peerkangai peels and saute well.
Close with a lid. Allow to cook well for 3 to 5 minutes keeping the flame at SIM.
Once its cooked let it come to room temperature.
Now transfer all sauteed and fried ingredients along with grated coconut, tamarind and salt into a mixer/blender jar.
Grind them into a smooth paste.
If needed add some water and grind.
Transfer the thuvaiyal into a serving bowl.

This thuvaiyal goes well with Pongal and also with white rice.
Mix thuvaiyal with white rice along with a tsp of gingelly oil and eat with sambar as side dish.

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