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#Appam ( #ஆப்பம் ), a dish looks like a #dosai but soft on upperside and crispy on other side.
Appam ( ஆப்பம்) batter is a combination of rice and venthayam ( fenugreek ).


Relish one bite with red hot garlic milaga sauce and next bite with sweet coconut milk wow!! 
Appam can be prepared using a tawa ( dosai kal ) or shallow kadai (appachatty ).

I used to make appam using tawa only as I find it easy & quick.

Prepare appam maavu (appam batter) the previous day.

Keep a tawa on a stove over medium flame and smear oil using a cloth over the surface of the tawa.

Once the tawa becomes hot pour a ladle full of maavu at the centre of the tawa.

Spread the maavu ( batter )  uniformly over the tawa and close with a lid.

Appam gets cooked very quickly.

Open the lid. Don't have to turn other side. Appam has to be cooked one side only 


Transfer the appam on to a serving plate.
In the same way again apply oil over the tawa using the cloth dipped in oil.
Then make appam following the method explained above,
Appam takes very less time to cook.
Serve hot with sweet coconut milk*.

*To prepare sweet coconut milk : Extract milk out of grated coconut. Add jaggary and cardamom powder. Mix well.
Pour this over hot appam and enjoy eating.
If you would like to have a spicy chutney as side dish then red hot garlic milaga sauce would be a very good accompaniment  rather than coconut chutney.

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